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We put out a call to tag #cre#creatingforgood on your photos of good, however you define it, and answered. She is looking to 2018 with a clean slate and strength to make new decisions and create a new destiny for herself. She will also begin sharing her expert knowledge by hosting workshops - including some to aid need-based scholarships to culinary school. (Watch this space if you are in the NYC area) What are you going to do in 2018? What are you proud of from 2017? Tell us. And tag #creatingforgood when you do.
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In an amazing example of #creatingforgood, the #CookForSyria pop-up cafe on Seven Dials is open daily until Christmas Eve (10-7 M-Sa, 12-6 Su). Head in for incredible mezze by Imad's Syrian Kitchen, coffee by Ozone Coffee Roasters London, and cakes from some of the best bakers in the country. You can also pick up the official recipe book (a great Christmas present for food lovers). All proceeds donated to Unicef's Next Generation London to help children impacted by war. 📸 by @charlottehuco
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A reminder for all of us from @jessonthames during this wonderful, but hectic, time of year.
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Dispatches from Mayfair where it is cold and rainy but still oh-so-lovely. Thank you @giuliaballetti for the photo! #creatingforgood
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A pre-Christmas spread from around the world. Louisiana Gumbo, French cheeses, steamed dumplings, baked acorn squash and an array of salads and baked salmon by the amazing @the_social_kitchen. When CFG gathers for an end-of-year wrap up all the cooks gather in the kitchen! Photo by @mondomulia and all hosted by @jessonthames. #creatingforgood
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I told you the snowy pictures would be back! Don’t forget to tag your photos with #creatingforgood and think broadly when defining “good”....and tell us the tale behind the story too! (Photo by the loveliest @roselladegori)
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Join the @creatingforgood gallery by sharing photos of yourself, and others, doing, well....good. You don’t have to travel to Africa (though we love you if you do) or start your own charity (though we love you if you do that too!) but just taking photos of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, or extraordinary people doing extraordinary things will tell a tale. Look for photos that tap into our collective humanity and goodness and remind us all that all life is beautiful. Tag your images #creatingforgood and tell us the story behind them. Join our dedication to giving back, in any way we can. Don’t wait to make this a New Year’s resolution. Share the goodness and talent within you, and what you see in others, today. Incredible photos featured here are by: @lynseyaddario (pick up her book if you haven’t already read it!) @freyadowson, @eleeshawaldron, @lukecabrahams for @cookforsyria and @joythebaker
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Words to live by on this cold, rainy Monday. We will return to posting photos of snowy goodness shortly. (📸 by @charlottehuco)
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The U.K. is at the end of a full day of snow and the photos are rolling in. We love Instagrammers for this. Cold? Wet? Hot? Rainy? No conditions are too harsh. Photo by @aubade_creative, who we met a few months ago at the @creatingforgood workshop held at @wework Paddington. Looking forward to meeting more amazing people at our next one(s). Plans are in the works! #creatingforgood
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It’s a perfectly seasonal #sundaycarpic by CFG member @charlottehuco ❤️
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Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol over 6-weeks while taking 15-20 mile walks around London. The book was inspired by visits he made to Cornish tin mines, largely manned by children, and a free “school” set up for the education of illiterate and impoverished children of London. He was appalled by the conditions of the destitute children in society and he felt compelled to take action. He considered writing party pamphlets for parliament but decided that the best way he could reach people, the way he could really make a difference, was by publishing a Christmas novella that would highlight the plight of the poor without alienating the middle class. His book was successful, but so was his plan. A year after its publication there was a notable rise in charitable giving in England credited to A Christmas Carol. Additionally, stories abound about factory owners closing their factory in observance of Christmas, famed authors and politicians giving significantly to those in need, even the Queen of Norway sent gifts to the crumpled children of England after reading the story. I love this story because I believe that we all have it in us to create change. We all have the power to make a difference. None of us should underestimate our power to make a difference. This is important today, as much as ever, as the divide between rich and poor grows and we numbed by the ubiquitous plight of the desperate. I can’t change the world, maybe you can, but probably not by yourself. But we can both make a difference today. Donate your unused warm clothes. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Give up your seat on the subway. Take time to listen to an elderly relative. Be gentle. Don’t assume the person who cut you off in traffic woke up that morning with the sole purpose of ruining your day. Just take a minute to remember the humanity that unites us all, and take a minute to show the warmth and goodness that is in your heart. It’s there. I can feel it from here. God bless us, Every one! (Photo by @belleannee)
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All the Christmas happening at once. Photo captured by Creating for Good member and expert hunter of the “prettier” side of London, @siobhaise
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