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Yo! I've got an early Christmas present for you guys. It's been EXACTLY 3 months since I posted a video on my main channel, so I thought it was about time to break that streak. Just posted an epic collaboration with @realluismercado from @tocatchacheater2016. We had a contest to see who could pick up more girls. He used his cool car. And I was shirtless of course lol. But WE BOTH COULDN'T TALK! Lol. The results might surprise you. Go watch it! Link in bio! 馃摳@highlifevisuals
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Quick workout in Hollywood before heading to the streets to film! This lighting is epic on the triceps but terrible for the abs lol. Oh well. Also just uploaded a new vlog! Not only is there a sneak peek of an upcoming prank, but I tell the story of my embarrassing high school life lmao. Link is in my bio! 馃摳@ruben_sole
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When you're trying to take a serious, aesthetic Instagram pic, but your friends are determined to not let that happen lol. Btw we're having the biggest Adonyx sale of the year today! I highly recommend checking out the latest post on the @adonyxclothing page. We definitely need a little more Greek god in us after that cheat meal yesterday lol. Alternatively, go to and use code BLACK for a huge discount.
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This is the picture BEFORE the actual picture lol. Before every shirtless pic, you gotta do a quick ab check. It's mandatory lol. This wasn't even staged. Be sure to check out the epic collaboration with @roblipsett and @student_aesthetics now on YouTube!
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One quick trick to lose your abs: Go to a sushi buffet lol. The picture on the left is pre epic cheat meal (plate 1) and the picture on the right is post epic cheat meal (plate 6, and unflexed for dramatic effect of course). I've been experimenting with having a giant cheat meal once per week. The idea behind it is to replenish the body with nutrients, reset hormones to healthy levels, and boost your metabolism. Certain nutrients, hormones, and your metabolism can get lower than ideal when you're in a caloric deficit for too long. The key, though, it to refeed on nutrient dense food (I like to pig out at a sushi buffet, as you can see in the picture, which has healthy fats, carbs, and proteins along with a lot of micronutrients as well). A lot of people make the mistake of eating whatever they want on cheat days, which doesn't help nearly as much, and can just make you feel like crap the next day. There are pros and cons to this method though. First of all, you're going to be extremely bloated a lose virtually all signs of your abs for the rest of the day after your meal (as seen in the picture). Second, your definitely going to put on a little bit of body fat from that meal. For me though, I burn off that fat relatively quickly within the next few days because of the extra boost in metabolism. So far, I've noticed I can stay a little fuller (fuller muscle-wise, and fuller appetite-wise) and stay just as lean with these cheat meals. Everyone is different though. You're gonna have to try it out yourself! 馃摳@laurenfitness
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Had an epic time yesterday speaking at the Influencer Domination event in NYC along with @kingketo, @ajmihrzad, @trillsteen, and @being_frank_yang. NYC had a crazy turnout with around 100 people that showed up to soak in some great info. I get a lot of satisfaction being able to inspire and guide such ambitious young bros to become successful entrepreneurs. Be looking out for these guys. Gonna be making a big impact soon!
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Throwback to Olympia weekend! The expo was fun, but the epic stuff we did after was what really made the trip. Big thanks to @teaganmariefit and @desifloresfit for helping me get in a leg workout even though the gym was closed. Just posted a Vlog of all this epic stuff so be sure to go check it out!
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I don't always take selfies, but when I do, it's under aesthetic af downlighting 馃挭馃槣 Btw, YouTube vid should be out this upcoming week. I know it's been a while. I'm gonna make it up to you guys with a couple epic vlogs. First vlog is the Vegas trip including the Olympia expo with @1upnutrition, a pose off with @jonskywalker, some fun with girls at the pool, and even some golf lol. I'm excited. Are you guys?
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Get ready to see an epic pose-down between @jonskywalker and me lol. YouTube vid should be coming fairly soon. One of the really cool things about being a fitness influencer is all the great people you get to meet while traveling the world. I remember 2 years ago sitting in my dorm room doing my homework and dreading the end of college when I would have to get a job that I didn't like. I'm so glad I took the risk, pushed through all the hate, and got to where I am today. The thing is, to be able to do what I do, you have to figure out a way to make money from it, or you can't do it full time and you won't be able to grow as much or influence as many people. This is something I had no idea how to do until I met my mentor @kingketo. He helped me turn all of this into a business, which allowed me to move to LA and be a full time fitness influencer after college instead of getting a desk job. The knowledge he gave me changed my life, and many other lives as well, which is why I really wanna give you guys a chance to get in on this knowledge. I don't want anyone not pursuing their dream just because they don't know how. That's why I wanna let you guys know about the Fit Coach U program. It's a program specifically designed for people who want to break into the online fitness business. The info in this program is what allowed me to do what I do today. I don't know any other place you can get this kind of info besides getting a mentor like Brandon who has actually succeeded in the industry. So if any of you guys are interested in being a fitness influencer, be sure to check out Fit Coach U. LINK IS IN MY BIO. It's an extremely fulfilling feeling to help people accomplish their goals, which is why being a fitness influencer is so great, and is also why I want to help you guys pursue your dreams. Hope to see you guys changing the world soon. Peace 鉁岋笍
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Yo! The bicep pump was crazy during this arm workout! For those of you who are new to bodybuilding, the pump is the full, swelling sensation you get during a workout when blood rushes to your muscles. Not only does having a great pump feel good and enhances the aesthetics for Instagram pics, but it also helps muscle growth by delivering nutrients to the muscle, including amino acids, and by stretching the muscle fascia. Things I do to make sure I get a good pump during my workouts: 1. Drop sets. Immediately after my last set for a given exercise, I drop the weight by 25-50 percent and do as many more reps as I can at that weight. 2. Isometrics. After each set I like to contract and hold the muscle for about 10 seconds. 3. Water and carbs. Sometimes I workout fasted, but I always have a better pump if I eat some carbs before my workout. The more water and glycogen you have in your system, the fuller your muscles will feel. 4. Pre-workout. I like taking @1upnutrition's all in one pre-workout because not only does it increase my energy levels, but it has pump enhancing ingredients like citrulline malate and beta alanine. 馃摳 @imansta1
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When you're casually chilling by the pool but then see the waitress pass by. And you're intrigued by the beauty of the lobster dinner she's carrying. And then your intrigue fades into disappointment as you realize it's not for you. And then that disappointment turns into a fierce hunger because you started depriving yourself of calories 6 weeks ago for a bodybuilding show. And that disappointment turns into the weird realization that your legs look exceptionally smooth because you had to shave them for that competition. And your camera guy catches this moment in an aesthetic photo that would be perfect for Instagram if it weren't for your feminine legs practically begging for mean comments. So you decide to write an extremely long caption that seems to nicely complement the photo but was actually only written in order to explain why your legs are shaved. A bodybuilding competition. I shaved them to show my calf definition for my bodybuilding competition. Lol. EDIT: Wow. I posted this pic just before the terrible event that unfolded at this hotel. Fortunately this picture was taken over a week ago during the Olympia and I'm safely back in Santa Monica right now. Thanks for everyone's concerns. My thoughts go out to all the families involved.
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Had an epic time in Canada! Thank you to everyone who came out to the event! Next stop is Chicago. Shoutout to @torquebarbell for hooking us up with the epic lighting! Also just posted the Canada vlog. I get hit with a hockey stick so you guys are definitely going to want to see this one! 馃摳 @highlifevisuals
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