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not ta throw a jinx into this caption but feeling like ive only been having good days lately which is something im not used to but could get used to. seems like within minutes i blink and the sun is already down on another one. idk. just kinda great i guess. thanks for contributing so much to that. i appreciate the heck out of you all and wish whatever feeling this is on everyone 💓
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beaming at the memories
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still thinking about this night tbh all @calvinklein everything, congrats on yet another unforgettable show ❤️💙
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I don’t know much about guns, but I do know there have been 18 school shootings this year in the USA and that’s absolutely horrifying. Everyone can agree that’s not right. Everyone can agree that number should be 0. Everyone can agree kids should not have to worry about their safety or ever have to bury their friends. It’s so wrong it makes me physically ill. To fix a problem, we need to create a solution and that’s only going to happen if changes are made to the current system. Please contact your representatives and make your voice heard. Nothing will change unless everyone does their part. -text in the above image was written by Rachel Ahrens, age 13
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[ insert the fire emoji here i suppose ]
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still thinking about this sunrise tbh
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caution: i have arrived
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self-portrait 🍒
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beaming, babe
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