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#TBT.. Me and congress forged fam @t3rry_g chilling at Wekfest East show. Cant wait till this season to be with the Congress Forged Fam. Shout out to @mikeburnsphotos for the shot and @slammedenuff . #congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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Everyone please follow our family @gra@gra@gra@gra@gravity_stance . They are having a giveaway for a air management kit and also see some sick rides. Follow: @gravity_stance @gravity_stance @gravity_stance @gravity_stance #gravitystance @everything__kay @718chucho @enobull @livetodestroy @blk.irish_86 @718_jesz
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We are starting 2018 right with this beautiful wheel.. The Washington. Custom powdercoated in trans candy red with high polish step lip. 18 show season will be here soon, so lets get a set of these or any of our other designs on your ride. Dm or email us for pricing and info. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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2017 was a break out year for Congress Forged Wheels. We want to thank all of the friends and family that has supported us this year and for years to come. A big thank you to all of our customers who have become family and Team Congress Forged. 2018 will be a even bigger year. We just getting started. 馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檶#Congressforged #Loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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Want to wish all of our family, friends and followers a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Thank you for the love and support throughout this year. God bless and hope everyone enjoys their day with loved ones. 馃檹馃檹 from the Congress Forged Family.
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Some more amazing shots by @__ronniec . Super talented photographer. These shots are 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟. The Roosevelts from the Congress Forged Lineup. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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Our fam @__ronniec killing it. Thank you brother for the sick photo shoot. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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Front End Friday.. Congress Forged Fam @t3rry_g repping with his beautiful bagged TL on The Adams. Props to 馃摲: @reveal.photos for the sick shots. #congressforgedfam #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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Our Congress Forged fam @freddie_rocs with his beautiful bagged TL on his custom set of Congress Forged Wheels.. The Jacksons. They look 馃敟馃敟馃敟. Shout out to @simply_solo_tl for the 馃摲. Thanks brother for the support. #Congressforged #congressforgedfam #Loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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One of our Congress Forged fam @tito_bossn with his clean and classy set of The Adam on his beautiful bagged GS. Look amazing on his car. His bag setup done by the talented crew @seriousinnovations. Thanks for the support and trust brother on building your wheels. Props to @86quan_srsinn for the 馃摲. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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Our guy @freddie_rocs with his custom set of Congress Forged Wheels.. The Jacksons. Custom powdercoated with chrome flat lips. Fitment is so clean on his beautiful bagged TL. Thank you for the support and trust bro. Welcome to the Congress Forged Fam. This was @thecustomshopnyc car show for Pancreatic Cancer. Great time and for a great cause.#Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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Our boy @_afterhoursgarage amazing body and paint work on this beautiful bagged fender flared LS. Finished off with a set of the Adams, in a translucent candy gold with high polish step lips. More pics to come of this beauty.Thanks for the support and love. Good luck today at Simply Clean @iamsimplyclean . #afterhoursgarage #noigandy #Congressafterhourscollab #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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The Adams Wheel from the Congress Forged Lineup for Wheel Wednesday. A clean classic spoke wheel shown with a raw brushed finish with high polish flat lip. A very clean and classy wheel. Shout out to @dev.in for the 馃摲. Dm or email us for pricing and info. Lets start getting ready for 18 show season. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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The Roosevelt.. From the Congress Forged lineup for wheel Wednesday. Twisted mesh design with high polish step lips in a brushed finish with cherry red hardware. A beautiful classic mesh with a slight twist. Dm or email us for pricing and info. Props to @dev.in for the 馃摲. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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Congrats to our Congress Forged Fam @thefinestnc winning at Import Expo in NC over the weekend. His beautiful MR2 is an amazing build. Thank you for repping and supporting us. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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Congrats to my brother and Congress Forged fam @nova_usdm_jdm on another win this season this time at Import Expo in AC. You deserve it brother, such an amazing build. See everyone next season. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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The Lincoln wheel from the Congress Forged Wheels lineup. A classic clean full face wheel in a brushed finish with high polish step lips and gold hardware. Looks amazing on @picu75 beautiful bagged w140. Thanks for always repping and supporting brother. Shout out to @dev.in for the 馃摲 and to Team Solidified @solidified.1 . #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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The Madison.. From the Congress Forged lineup. A snowflake mesh design with a brushed with ultra clear finish together with a chrome step lip. Dm or email us, @stancedb6 or @solidified.1 for pricing and info. Lets get working on a set of Congress Forged wheels for next show season. Props to @evo_media for the 馃摲. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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The Lincoln Wheel.. Clean full face 3 piece forged wheel. Shown here with a brushed finish with gloss black step lips and gloss black hardware. Dm or email us for pricing and info. You can also hit up @solidified.1 @stancedb6 for info and pricing aswell. Thank you guys for the support. Big shout out to the whole solidified crew. 馃摲: @evo_media
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My bro @nova_usdm_jdm with a dope video clip from the other night. Came out dope bro, 馃敟馃檶馃檹. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged #SCRAPEmobb
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A few shots from #FCF @canibeat_crew taken by my brother @enobullphotography . Love the close up of my wheels.These are 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟. Thanks brother. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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A pic of my car at FCF. Thanks to my bro @thereal_ronnie for this dope pic. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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First Class Fitment was amazing. Thank you to @canibeat_crew for accepting us and letting us showcase our wheels. Met a ton of great people and made alot of new friends. Big shouts to @chubpone , @stancedb6 and the whole @solidified.1 crew for coming thru and showing us love. Also big shout to @john.ludwick and the @thegovernorsclub . Great time talking amd hanging out. You guys are awesome. Also to my family that is always there for us helping and supporting. Next year we have alot more in store, we are just getting started. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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A clip of us at Slammed By The Bay Show. A big thank you to @roscoe_sparkz and @the_hollow_lens for doing this video. You guys always put out 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟. Come check us out at First Class Fitment tomorrow. #Congressforged #loweredcongress #3pieceforged
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