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I don't have a caption so now we are here. #wrx
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Guess how much HP? #wrx
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Welp, guess I'm shooting in the rain more... #wrx
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A bit late to Front End Friday! #mercedesbenz
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Flake for dayyyyyys. #mercedesbenz
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Beamer, Benz, or Bentley. #benz
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Nothing like a city view, here the last photo I'm posting from this set. Who is gonna be in front of my lens next? #GTR
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It's Godzilla!!! #GTR
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Looking to shoot more higher end cars like this GTR. If you know someone with a high end / rare car tag them so we can talk about doing a photoshoot! #godzilla
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*Insert intense staring into the camera quote here*. This will be the last portrait for a little while, gotta get back to posting my normal stuff and I am very excited to upload the GTR shoot from yesterday. Thanks to my car followers for putting up with my portraits! #bokeh
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Love the things you can do with a simple 50mm lens. #bokeh
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Decided to upload some portraits! Hopefully these don't drown in everyone's feed and get no likes because they aren't car pictures 馃槄. Also this is my beautiful girlfriend @felicityidek
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