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Booty peakin out 馃槑
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Angry eye.
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Peeking through the urban environment.
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The last model Subaru that sounds good. Rip.
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Looking to do more shooting soon, who is interested in setting something up? DM me!
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Love shooting anything with a spoiler, you can get some crazy aggressive shots with these cars.
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Want to set up a shoot? DM me! I have lots of availability right now.
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Had a fun time shooting this dope s2k yesterday. Have a new respect for how quick these cars are, Definitely caught me off guard.
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Set up the camera for a 30 second exposure, lit up the whole front end with my light and someone walked in front of the camera, which I thought ruined the picture so I stopped. Turns out his clothes were too dark and the camera completely missed him. In the background a couple of cars passed by which gave this picture a crazy light trail. I really should shoot at meets more. TAG OWNER!!!
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One pissed off subawu. Should I shoot more indoors?
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Long exposure car photography. Want to set up a shoot? DM me.
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Had some fun messing with long exposure tonight. Afterwards I was walking around the parking garage I was shooting from and decided to take a picture through the dusty glass of route 70. In the camera I saw my reflection with route 70 in the background so I messed with the polarizer a bit and ended up with this. Very very little editing work has been done to this picture, the building in front of the dusty window was bright red which explains the red flare across the bottom.
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