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are you guys ready for the CLAUDIATIHAN x @vintageframes drop? 💭🤤💜
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2nd design of shades from the @claudiatihan X @vintageframes collection coming this tuesday💸
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revealing second design of shades tomorrow at 3:00 pm eastern time🕒🖤
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@claudiatihan X @vintageframes SHADES COMING OUT NEXT TUESDAY🖤
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releasing 2 CLAUDIATIHAN shades next Tuesday📀 make sure to keep an eye out👀 i'll keep you updated with my IG stories and posts🖤
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told you guys that lucky charm donuts were a thing🍩 ps: peep my sweater🤐
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mood 🍩🍧🤤🍪🍨💘 @snowopolisco
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spanish postcard by @badboi
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lunch dates ft. my girlfriend
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missing the heat of hawaii 🍌
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get you a girl with a resting b*tch face that only smiles at you
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