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Last Sunday..... 🍑✨ #🍑insydney
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Joining the #teammatte today at @esteelauder workshop. Super love their flatlay ready set and YAS to the new 16 shades of Double Wear foundation. #doublewearornothing #esteeid Lensed by ka @margieuntoro ✨#iphoneonly
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Having a soft heart in this cruel world is courage, you're not weak. Stay kind... always. I know i'll get lots of dms for this so: Top by @dressduende Pants by @paulinakatarina Shoes @tonybianco Lensed by @darylariawan #🍑insydney #sydney_insta #sydneystyle #sydneyfashion #TonyBianco
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Should i cut my hair short? Lensed by @darylariawan 🍑✨ #🍑insydney #sydney_insta #sydneyfashion
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On Sundays, we wear white. New blogpost only at #sydney_insta #🍑insydney #sydneylife
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C&A 😘😘 See you soonnnn @achasinaga ✨🍑 #🍑insydney #sydney_insta
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Accepting all the curves and edges of my life this year. FIRST BLOGPOST in 2018 only at Check it out guys! :) Lensed by @achasinaga @achaportraits #sydney_insta #sydneylife #🍑insydney
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What i feel i shouldn't show you, so when you're around i won't. I know i've no right to feel it, but it doesn't mean i don't. -Lang Leav Sneak peek of my upcoming blogpost(s) only at Lensed by @michelletumewu Styled by 🍑 #🍑inmelbourne #arlaproduction
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50 years apart and she's slaying all the outfits still! Finally featured Oma🍑 on my youtube channel! Watch the FULL video only on youtube: Cindy Karmoko (LINK ON MY BIO) . You can find all of our outfits at your nearest @mataharideptstore ! #mataharideptstore #idressedtothrill #keepingupwith🍑 #grandmas
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The best part of my job is to be able to connect with all people around the world. I went to this gelato shop cause..... It's hot here and the shop is just so cute. The name of the shop is BEKU, I knew the owner must be Indonesian and apparently she knows 🍑 too!!!! 😱 She let me scooped my own gelato and tasted everything from teh tarik gelato to durian ones. I love @bekugelato 's turkish delight flavor the most cause it reminds me of Milan..... All gluten free and they have vegan gelato too. If you come to Melbourne YOU NEED TO VISIT THIS PLACE. Melbourne has been treating me well. #🍑inmelbourne #keepingupwith🍑 #bekugelato
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Can't believe i need to go home next week! 😭 #idressedtothrill #🍑insydney #sydney_insta 📸: @christabell_mc #witcherystyle
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