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“Grandma’s Tablecloth”. A new photo series inspired by a trip to Fabric Land. Stylist: @courtmoly Model: @klgros HMU: @nicoledoesmakeup
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Back in November @canoncanada and @thecreatorclass did a little piece on me and my story. Today it launched and I am pretty excited to share it with all of you. Click the link in my bio to see the full video. Thank you to everyone who helped with this video. @courtmoly for putting up with me during all of this. @nicoledoesmakeup and @klgros for working with us in the studio. @jeremycohan and @sharklionbear for all their hard work putting the video together and a big thank you to @sashafoto for setting this up. #TheCreatorClass
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Orange you glad i didn't say banana.
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We needed a series of prints for our house so we decided to make our own today.
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Nestled away in nature.
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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, may you stuff your faces until your heart is content.
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Patiently waiting for Santa to arrive...
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A little preview from a cookbook I got to shoot with @foodbymaria that is coming out in June.
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Tucked away in the corner.
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A change of scenery and a quick stop over in Vancouver for the last project of the year.
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I got to spend the last few days shooting “Christmas at the Castle” with @fairmontbanff. Santa even made an appearance.
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As I started writing this caption I laughed thinking what a disaster my instagram is, there is no theme. Portraits, landscapes, interiors, food, still life and anything else that interests me at the moment. It might be all over the place but I’m ok with that, I want to keep exploring new themes and different subjects, I don’t ever want to be bored or not challenged. The challenge of learning something new, diving into it and producing something that I’m proud of is a feeling that I keep striving for. It keeps me stimulated and the creative juices flowing. This is the joy of photography for me. I don’t really know what the whole point of this caption is, maybe it’s some inspirational message like “keep exploring and creating” or “the real theme is personal growth” or maybe it’s just me rambling on about nothing. Anyways this a photo of my partner, @courtmoly in our studio. I’ve been wanting to do more work with strobes and I have to thank @old_chum for showing me the ropes.
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