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I'm obsessed with this!! @corgi.png
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Ready for some spring boardin
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Happy Valentine's Day to all the baes out there
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These two amazing humans
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Trying to think of a caption is actually impossible but all I can say is thank you to everyone who's been there for me since the beginning. I am so grateful to be surrounded by people I love with all my heart and so thankful for my family and their never ending love and support. Glad I could bring home the Gold!! @gettysport
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Let's do this thing!!
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Made it to finalz!!! Thanks for the support everyone
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Having the best time at practice! Thankful for the perfect conditions out here!
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Train hard, work harder with @NikeTraining. Stoked to share my training and tips on the NTC app! #JustDontQuit #metcon4 Link in bio!
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The road to the Olympic Winter Games wasn’t easy, but I’m lucky to have this support system behind me. I can’t wait to represent the U.S. with my family there to cheer me on! Follow me and @SamsungMobileUSA on our journey to PyeongChang
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Opening ceremonies were such an insane experience! Love it here
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Hey hey hey
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Follow my first #pyeongchang2018 action on 2/12! Go #teamvisa! #ad
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ESPN Magazine cover!! Thank you @alyroe @esp@espn> @espn @ramona_rosales
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Check out my sponsor @visa_us' cool new payment technology! #pyeongchang2018
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Getting spoiled out here in Japan! Thanks for the pic @zachhooperphoto
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Working with @samsungmobileusa on some cool stuff! Can't wait to share it!
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Wish I was here and not at the airport
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Well that was insane! Always a pleasure to be at @xgames with my favs! Also @arielletgold that run was so badass, stoked for ya! Now off to Japan for a little before heading to Korea!
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Here's one from my @sportsillustrated piece! Thanks @thomaslovelock @sifullframe ! Also sidenote, XGames is going down tonight! Be there or don't be there 🙈
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Lowkey obsessed with these goggles. #HarmonyFade #TeamOakley @blattphoto
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Adventures during the day, methods at night
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Made it to Aspen, boutta get Xtreme
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