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teenagers do u want my life or wat thanks @lesleyarfin @kateberlant
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@melissafumero pointed out a rare #ric#rickpage sighting wrapped in what we in the biz call visquine (sp?) with a classic furnie pad skirt wrap and duh a number 2 grip clip WHAT IS A FASHUN SHOW W NO FASHUNNNNNSS @rpage03 #rickpage #bts #fashion
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wallpaper flex shoe flex baby toy basket flex
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communing w rosas jacket when @iamstephbeatz let me charge my phone in her rm yesterday #chickenhand #prosciuttoleg #sisterhoodofthetravelingcharger
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check it: my foot on an custom apple box type apparatus or as they call it on our set "a twix" bc of the appearance! Looks kinda like a twix pack w two bars. Do you understand? major hat tip to @rpage03 for keeping me in the loop on this term and more - stay tuned over the next weeks of shooting for more inside scoop n pix #camera #set#set #on #set #terms #bts #hollywood #hollyweird #rickpage
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"on set"!!!!!!
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epitome of #basic
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just wanted u to know how much onion i picked off of my salad. i will never understand raw onion ppl #garlic #i #get
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my hike this morning!! missed u @jonahperetti
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yep thats about rite
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happy chiiiilllentines day and cutintines day and futureloveofmylifeentinesssssss dayyyyyy
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happy valentines day
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