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Butternut | Quinoa | Kale | salad ❤️ Make the ladies happy
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An Amuse Bouche of Avocado toast with goat cheese, poached quail egg, lemon thyme| Oregano, and orange zest.
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Dad stopped in for dinner last night. Thought he'd be tired of my cooking by now. Thanks for the support 🖤
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Healthy Kale 🖤🙌🏻 #gardenmafia #gardenmadeit
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Deconstructed Cream of Potato Leek. #gardenmadeit #gardenmafia
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A Blue cheese stuff| -pork belly tenderloin grind -Bentons ham -Caramelized onions -Blue cheese Mornay sauce -Black truffle salt
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Seeing what the hype is about 👌🏻 #makeitnice
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Get spicy! Follow my friends at @spiceology and check out there website in there Bio lots of amazing products for your kitchen and your home! #chefsroll #truecooks
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Come try our 3 course American cuisine and We'll treat you to this Chocolate Torte| Blackberry Coolié| mascaraed berries | Brown Butter Frosting
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Banh Mi | tofu, cilantro, pickled carrot/daikon radish, cucumber, jalapeño aioli, grilled pineapple. #gardenmadeit #gardenmafia #love @mgiono
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