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One of my best health tip is to find a gap in my calendar and schedule in an appointment called “self care time”. I want to help you do that with the BEST planner in the world. Here's your chance to win a 2018 Dated Passion Planner of your choice! Make sure to follow these steps to enter: 1. Follow @passionplanner & @cathbastien. 2. Tag 1 friend or more that would like to enter! 3. Let me know what you like to do to practice self-love/self-care for yourself! #selfcare #passionplanner #pashfam #morninginbed #goodvibes #positivism
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A rare selfie! 🌅I always knew deep down that I had a single passion in life: health. It's what matters the most to me and what should also matter to all of you. Our health (physical, emotional, spiritual, social etc.) is our greatest wealth. Ps: to keep you all updated, I almost finished my Healthy Nutrition E-Book and I'm also building my company with real physical products!!! Been working incredibly hard and I just can't wait to announce what it's all about. Lucky to have you all supporting me and looking forward to sharing more details with you. #holistichealth #healthylifestyle #grateful #nomakeupselfie #healthiswealth
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When I was a little girl, I always wondered if one day I was going to find THE ONE. My Prince Charming.🤴🏼It's actually better than that. Marc challenges me to do more. He challenges me to go after my dreams. He doesn’t do this because he refuses to be with anyone who’s less than perfect. He's doing it because he knows how much I'm capable of. @marc_fitt you bring out the best of me. 💙 #lovehim #hestheone #couple #relationships
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Weights before dates! 💙 Rise is offering free shipping and 10% off on your next purchase using code CATH. (Today and tomorrow only!) @rise #valentinesdaypromo #risewomen #fitgirl #girlswholift #squats
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That's the face we make when we get told we can't talk about body acceptance and self love. We're being told it's because we somehow fit in these so called standards. However, the more I travel, the more I realize that perceptions surrounding beauty standards vary across cultures. I strongly believe there's not a face, a height, a weight and a skin colour that is better than another one. Embrace and love your body. It's the most amazing thing you'll ever own. 💙#bodypositive #bodyacceptance #healthy #bermuda #hoakaswimwear #loveyourbody
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You make my heart smile. #6yearsstrong #almost7 💙
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My body is a temple not a tomb. I want to use my platform to spread positive vibes and inspire others to make their health a priority. I changed my nutrition and decided to stop eating meat. I always had a hard time finishing my meat when I was younger and it got even harder when I forced myself to eat more and more to get stage ready for bikini competitions. I do it because I love all animals but also because I really care about my impact on the environment. If this post can inspire you to reduce your meat intake then my mission is accomplished. 💙#healthy #fitlifestyle #nutritionfitplus #goodnutrition #healthybody #vegetarian
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Is it just me, or does anyone else think us Canadians are stuck in a snow globe and some jerk keeps giving it a shake?! I love snow but can't wait for winter to be over. ❄️#moresnow #winter #snowday #riseathlete #earth
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One of the best days of my life. 🐘 Elephants are unbelievably smart, loving and hungry. (They eat 200-600 pounds of food a day, a normal human eats 3-5 pounds a day if we compare.)! #elephants #elephantlove #chiangmai #thailand
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Fill your life with experiences, happiness and love. We had such a wonderful trip discovering Bermuda. @elisabeth.rioux 🌊Song is We All Want Love by @maywellsofficial #morelove #morehappiness #travel #travelling #bermuda #hoakaswimwear #bikinibabe #fitnessgirl
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The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. @marc_fitt #lovehim
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Monday Mood. 💦 Disclaimer: I'm currently in my office working on finding the perfect packaging and designing labels for my business. Couldn't ask for a better Monday! Hope you'll all have a productive and enjoyable day. 🖤#pool #bikini #phuket #thailand #floattank #goodlife #blissful
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