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The stories this tree could tell...
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The wildest ends of the earth
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I’m already dreaming of summer lake days and we’re not even half way through Winter! Anyone else? @eddiebauer #LiveYourAdventure #ebcontributor
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The morning commute 🐕🛷
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There's nothing quite like being at the foot of an enormous waterfall and having your senses completely overwhelmed! #DoBiggerThings Captured on the @SamsungCanada #GalaxyNote8 in Full HD at 60fps #SamsungInfluencer
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Meandering our way through Narnia-like old growth forests, high up in the mountains looking for the elusive Sasquach Captured in Pro Mode on the @SamsungCanada #GalaxyNote8 #DoBiggerThings #SamsungInfluencer
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I’ll admit, I’m often scared to go down unknown roads but I’ve never once been disappointed by any of them... @eddiebauer #LiveYourAdventure #ebcontributor
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We made our way up through this Narnia-like forest for five gruelling hours, to a beautiful cabin, nestled in the backcountry
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Hypnotized by the cascading falls, we climbed higher and higher until we were face to face with it, under its spell @eddiebauer #LiveYourAdventure #ebcontributor
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The Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies. Standing tall over the border of Alberta and British Columbia 🏔
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Salty winter sunsets on the west coast
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Good old fashioned drives to nowhere are some of the best drives in my opinion
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