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THATS A WRAP FOLKS! Our 2017 Season has officially come to an end.. Before we go, our Family at California Carnival Co. would like to say THANK YOU to all of our Followers and all who came to our events this year! You guys Rock and we couldn’t do what we do, without you!!! Thank you for another great year, we hope to see you again for our 2018 tour! Stay Tuned for updates, in the meantime, once again, THANK YOU...
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California Carnival Company is rolling into town MENDOTA!!! Looking for a way to come to the Carnival without breaking the bank??? GET YOUR ADVANCE SALE DISCOUNT TICKETS AND SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!! That’s right, you can now purchase Advance Sale Discount Tickets (ASDT) locally at these locations: Westside youth Inc (1709 7th Street) From 1 pm-6pm Monday thru Friday ph: (559)655-4808 and Di amici Coffee Shop from 8am-8pm daily ph: (559)382-2097. There's only a limited supply available so get them before they are gone. See you all next week... Don’t forget to “LIKE” our Facebook Page  and “Follow” our Instagram @californiacarnivalco
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Are you ready MODESTO?!?! You asked and we delivered... Thats right, today is DOLLAR RIDE DAY!!! One Dollar per Ticket, One Ticket per Ride!!! TODAY AND TODAY ONLY!! We are in front of Sears at the Vintage Faire Mall, it's a deal you won't want to miss. See you all here... (The Dollar Ride Day Promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion.) Don't forget to "LIKE" our Facebook Page and "FOLLOW" our Instagram for more promotions for this event!!!
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Hey Stockton do you want to save a lot of money and have fun doing it??? How does $10.00 off unlimited ride wristbands sound for Sunday Fun Day? Today is our last day here in Stockton, so get on out here (1010 Hammer Lane) and save money while enjoying the BEST OUTDOOR FAMILY FUN available in Stockton today. Noon until 10:00 pm are our hours, $10.00 off unlimited ride wristbands is our deal. So, what are you waiting for? Get on over here, we are by Jack in the Box on Hammer Ln @ Tam O Shanter and remember, today is the LAST DAY... Hope to see you here...
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It's $5 Friday! That's right, today and TODAY ONLY, $5 off the Unlimited Ride Wristbands!!! Now that's a deal you won't want to miss! Starts at 4pm today only so grab the whole family and come help support the Stockton Baptist Church! We will be looking for you… “LIKE” our Facebook Page and “FOLLOW” our Instagram @californiacarnivalco to get updates about events near you!!!
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Hey Stockton, are you tired of being trapped inside due to rain??? Well we have the solution. California Carnival Company has rolled into town for our annual Spring Carnival Fundraiser (benefiting Stockton Baptist church) and we brought SUN & FUN with us, for you. BIG DISCOUNT tonight and tonight only "$1.00 per ticket, 1 ticket per ride from 5-10pm!!! Next to Jack In the Box and the 99 Cent store 1010 E Hammer lane at Tam O Shanter. Come on out to enjoy all your favorite Carnival foods, fun games and rides the whole family can enjoy! We will be looking for you.. Don't forget to "LIKE" us on Facebook for future updates, discounts and promotions on our events near you!
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The 2017 Almond Blossom Festival was awesome thanks to you guys!!! Before we go, We want to AGAIN say Thank You to the City of Ripon for giving a helping hand cleaning up the water so this years festival could be as fun and enjoyable as usual. THANK YOU. Also, a huge Thank You goes out to all who came out and supported this year's festival. You guys ROCK!!! We look forward to seeing you all again soon!!! Until next time... "LIKE" our Facebook Page to get updates and promotions about our local events near you!!!
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It's that time of year again Ripon... And we aren't letting it rain on our parade! (No pun intended.) With a lot of hard work and a little magical Pixie Dust, we are making "Lake Ripon" disappear from Mistlin Sports Park so the Annual Ripon Almond Blossom Festival can proceed on schedule. Remember, Dollar Ride Day is Thursday from 5 - 10pm, and you won't want to miss that. That's right, One Dollar Per Ticket, One Ticket Per Ride, Thursday ONLY!! So, come on out and join us for this years Almond Blossom Festival! Remember Dollar Ride Day is Thursday Only, so save those Advance Sale Discount Tickets for Friday-Sunday for even more savings! See you all here Thursday... "LIKE" our Facebook Page for upcoming information and promotions on this event!!!
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Hello Porterville... You asked for us to come to your fine city and we are happy to say (with a lot of local help) we have made it happen!!! California Carnival Company has rolled Into town across from the Walmart Shopping Center and we are getting ready to put on A great show you will defiantly want to be apart of. We will be opening this Thursday, April 21st at 5pm So stay tuned and make sure to "LIKE" our Facebook page for more information, details, and upcoming promotions you won't want to miss! #cal#californiacarnivala> #californiacarnival #Porterville
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Dollar Day here at the Manteca Street Faire in front of the old Best Buy, by the Bass Pro Shops off HWY 120 and Union RD! Today only! See our Facebook Page for more information! #californiacarnivalcompany
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Hello Modesto, California Carnival Company is set-up and ready to entertain you at the Vintage Faire Mall. We will open tomorrow @ 5:00pm. Hope to see you here. #californiacarnival #californiacarnivalcompany
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