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The proof is in the magic juices over here.just good old fashion nutes,water,and years of garden intuition. #rootedandbooted #alwaysstackinneverslakin
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The more you top the plant in veg.the more branching you will have. We topped these OG's 4 different times.#alwaysstackinneverslakin #cleanbottoms
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Always on the hunt for the next exotic. Apple Sherbet @reallycannarado Rainbow Punch @uprisingseedco
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TALK ABOUT GIRL POWER !!! Stay tuned and we’ll be waiting and watching as what could be history in the making. Many have tried, but I’d like to believe that the power of a 12-year-old “Texas girl” as Alexis quite affectionately states in many of her speeches, has a future as a lifelong activist and will grow up to do more of doing the right things at no matter what age. (Story credit @can@cannapolitan> Please we personally encourage you to read this awesome inspiring possible life changing story/article covered by @cannapolitan magazine @lisafourtwenty THIS IS HUGE !! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU @alexisbortell 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 #istandwithalexis
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Babies hardening off.getting ready for there next phase.#veglife
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Blueberry Cookies, Lemon Tree, CCF private reserve OG. Day 29 of flower.#alwaysstackinneverslakin #nopgrs
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Another Lemon Tree shot day 29 #alwaysstackinneverlackin
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Happy Valentine's day my love.we have been thru thick and thin and we're still here smiling..💘💘💘@lorenitta03
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We will be there showing love !!! Visit our booth feel the awesome vibes and energy #blessed #calicultivatorfarms #family #education #transparency #craftcannabis #cleancannabis
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...just a lil size refference of our SINS OG #nophosphoload #nopgr #nopesticides #transparency #real #passion and #love 🙏😉
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Caption/hashtag this....! We will go first #nectar
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Plain R/O water PH 5.8 and some rooting gel in a humididome and bam 8 days later you have roots its that easy.
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Grape Naners mama beastin out under LEC315'S #perfectgrowernutrients she is going to yield quite a bit of nice cuts.
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