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Over 50 RSVPs! Tag A Stylist in Delaware/Philly/South Jersey! ✨ ✨ ✨ We’re hosting a private beauty networking event today!DM me for details or visit iamasixfigurestylist.com to RSVP. * * Special thank you to @bullbaycuisine for opening especially for us. ❤️ Swipe. * * #businessbabes #sixfigurestylist
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DM me. I got you. 💕
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When a #BusinessBabe does the Bahamas... * * I’m talking 🏝🏝🏝 Hopping Like a BO$$, Cuddling with Pigs/Lizards/Sharks, plus all of my swimsuits via @amazon for less than $20!!! * * Link in my bio for the blog and to shop all my vacay fits! @thebusinessbabes #businessbabes #amazoninfluencer
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"If you want to be a shark, be a shark. Don't apologize for it." #businessbabes
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Tag A Stylist in Delaware/Philly/South Jersey! I’m hosting a private beauty networking event next Monday. DM me for details or visit iamasixfigurestylist.com to RSVP. * * Special thank you to @bullbaycuisine for opening especially for us. ❤️ Swipe. * * #businessbabes #sixfigurestylist
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#TheQueensStaircase This staircase was hand carved by 600 slaves who used pick axes and hand tools to cut their way through limestone. It took over 16 years to complete and was named much later after Queen Victoria who signed a declaration to abolish slavery on her ascension to the throne in 1837. #bhm #businessbabes
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Feeding the Bahamian Rock Iguanas in Bitter Guana Cay. ❤️ #businessbabes
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The light of you on my horizon erased every darkness I’d ever endured. ❤️ #businessbabes #eleuthera
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Love a Babe That Can Help Bring Home the Bacon. 🥓❤️ * * Peep the stingray behind me. #businessbabes #exuma
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Look Up Peppa. Say Cheese. 🐽 Click the link in my bio to catch outfit deets and the latest blog, How a #BusinessBabe does the Bahamas! #businessbabes
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Blessed. Thanks everyone for all the messages, texts, calls, and overall birthday love! My service is sketchy while I'm out here trying to live my best life, but know once I get back to regular wifi, a show of gratitude is coming your way. ❤️❤️❤️ #businessbabes
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This @fbffitness shapewear though 🙌🏾. Check my IG story for the before. 😩 #dontscreenshot #yougotsomechunkchunktoo Hair and makeup by @kiy_7 at @suiteextension. #businessbabes
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Your assignment is greater than the things you allow to waste your time. #YolandaKeelsWalker #businessbabes
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I wrote a workbook. It helps hairstylists develop a financial plan to scale their businesses to $100k+ and curate beauty brands. Share this with your stylist. Better yet, buy it for them as a thank you for all the times you cancelled last minute, left your weave in too long, or always call last minute to be squeezed in. 💚 iamasixfigurestylist.com. #businessbabes #sixfigurestylist
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Message: When you’re called to create, you can’t always entertain the critic. ✌🏾 You’ll be out here making business moves based off of The Shade Room comment section type thinking. ✌🏾😩 Stay your course. #businessbabes
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If you live up to your potential you don't have to worry about living within your means. #YolandaKeelsWalker * * * When you want more...do more...be more. ❤️ #businessbabes
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Confidence on #Trump ✊🏾. You are a #Yuge Deal! ✨ This year you will do it #Bigly! 👑 Anything else you hear is #FakeNews! 💅🏾 💕😂😩#businessbabes
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Approval and Growth Don’t Mix 💕👑 #businessbabes
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...She wasn't designed to give up 💅🏾💕. You better keep going! #businessbabes
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I am extremely protective of the woman I am becoming. Don’t FWM. 💋. Mood all 2018. You can relate or no? 🙋🏾 #businessbabes
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For real 💕. Make the decision and then make a plan and execute every 👏🏾 single 👏🏾 day 👏🏾. #businessbabes
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“Lord, send me friends that know how to gather.” Amen. 🙏🏾🎯 @sarahjakesroberts [I want to tag my real friends but won’t just in case someone decides to send for me...because they will come for you.] 😂😩 * * * Instead I’ll say double tap if you’re a “How you wanna handle this” type friend lol. 🙋🏾#businessbabes
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❤️ Who can relate? ❤️ #businessbabes
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From CIA to CEO 👑💅🏾 Check out this amazing #PynkGirl of the Day feature on me and @thebusinessbabes. Special thanks to @pynkmagazine and @tweetyelitou! 💕👑💅🏾 More Details & Link to Write-Up in my IG Story! #businessbabes
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