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You never know what cuties you’ll run into at the Hive! 💛😍 The Bumble Hive LA pop-up is open to everyone! Come cowork, network, meet your matches, and hang out! Every week, you can expect complimentary entertainment, drinks and snacks, and interactive sessions with thought-leaders. Details: #BumbleHiveLA, 8441 Melrose Place. Now through March 25. Hours : Wednesday – Saturday: 12pm – 7pm and Sunday: 12pm – 4pm.
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Should we get this tattooed somewhere? #SelfLove (quote from stridersknowbest)
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Happy 30th birthday to the woman who never let’s us forget what we’re worth! @badgalriri 🎂 (Clip from @oprah and regrammed from @refinery29)
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The path to you is never hidden. How we speak to ourselves during both the highs and lows is how we view ourselves. Choose the kindest, most inspiring words when speaking to yourself and ✨shine✨. (Art by @amberibarreche)
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Valentines might be over but love and self-respect runs all year round. With #LoveEquals, we’re celebrating the unique and diverse forms that love takes in our partners and friends. Love can mean many things. We want to know what it means to you. 💗
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Your past does not have power over you. We can choose to heal by letting go. It’s not always easy to forget our past pains but it’s important for our own well-being and happiness. 💥
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We need a revised version of this song from Snoop Dogg. In the new version, Snoop Dogg can teach us that it’s absolutely okay to not do anything as a salute to self-care. Rewatch episodes of your favorite TV show, turn your phone on silent, or cancel plans you’re dreading. Whatever it takes enjoy your weekend, DO THAT. (quote via someecards)
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Be with someone who is excited to go out with you, always texts back, and listens to your stories (even if you lose your train of thought). This is what everyone deserves. 💛
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We have to start teaching young minds that they are destined to become somebody, not some body. You are more than your likes and outer beauty. Gen Z, you give us hope that change is on the horizon. 💪 (image @smallgirlspr)
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You go, Cody! 🙌 While some relationships just aren’t meant to be, there are much better ways of letting someone know you’re not interested than pulling a disappearing act. We spoke to Cody and loved his honesty before turning dating mode off and deciding to use Bumble for friendship and networking only. We built Bumble as a platform of kindness and compassion, and there’s nothing kind about ghosting.
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This is Accurate AF 😂. #LoveEquals no 🍆 pics.
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All bets are off if you move onto the next season without us.👆 (JK, sort of!) We'd love to hear how you define love in your relationships and friendships. Check our story to share what love means to you! #LoveEquals
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