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Happy Thanksgiving! We’re so thankful for each of you ... what are you thankful for today?
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“Love everyone always.” — @bobgoff
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“Love is sacrifice and commitment.” — @bobgoff
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Missed @bobgoff yesterday? You can listen to it on your commute home by clicking the link in our Insta story!
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“We’ll never honor Christ if we forget to honor each other.” — @bobgoff
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You will not want to miss @bobgoff this Sunday! Bob is the New York Times best-selling author of #LoveDoes, he’s a human rights advocate, a world-renowned attorney, a self-confessed balloon-lover ... and arguably the most whimsy-filled person on the planet.
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How are you guys doing with your #GiveServeLove boxes?
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Congrats to the THIRTEEN college students who went public with their faith this week at TLR ! [swipe for some snapshots]
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“Once you've tasted purpose, you can't be happy with just existing.” Jeff Foxworthy #BeRich17 // #GiveServeLove
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All you need to know 9 + 11 + 1 #BeRich17
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[swipe] Guess who?? Our man Jeff Foxworthy and our Atlanta Mission partners are gearing up for our second Sunday of #BeRich17 // #GiveServeLove
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“While we may be criticized for what we believe, we should be famous for our compassion and generosity.” @andy_stanley #GiveServeLove
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