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“The London Eye is a place for taking time to myself. Here, I reflect on what was, but more importantly what will be. All my best ideas started here.” @liamgarner #CitySpotlight
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“Nothing makes me happier than the hustle and bustle of London’s Underground, the world’s first underground railway. The people who come through here are so diverse and filled with so much energy. I gotta make sure I keep up!” @liamgarner #CitySpotlight
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“I’m so proud to have London as my capital city. The vibe, the atmosphere, the famous landmarks and so many different cultures all wrapped into one. Not to mention the history. This is one place everyone must visit. I want you all to feel the same same rush I get.” @liamgarner #CitySpotlight
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Here, you’ll find people from all walks of life—working, living and training hard for their moment in the spotlight. #CitySpotlight
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Some call it the world’s greatest city. Others call it London. A place where icons are made. #CitySpotlight
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Our next #CitySpotlight continues to a place rich with history. A living, breathing legend in its own right.
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Let’s be REAL I don’t ALWAYS eat this. But when I do, it’s after working my tail off in the gym and earning every bite. The food always tastes better this way. @julzjulzjulzz #CitySpotlight #FEASTMODE
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“Do it for you. When I’m in the gym I feel strong. I feel fierce. Nothing can hold me back. Instead of comparing myself to others, I use myself as my own motivation.” @julzjulzjulzz #CitySpotlight
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“Love yourself and don’t take life too seriously. Working out and adding the right supplements gives me the confidence I need all year round. Here in Australia we are lucky enough that our winter is as good as our summer, so no excuses!” @julzjulzjulzz #CitySpotlight
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“If you need me I’ll be here at Burleigh Beach, working on becoming my best self physically and mentally. You’ll also find me sipping on EndoRush. Citrus flavour is my favourite!” @julzjulzjulzz #CitySpotlight
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“Grateful to call this place home—Burleigh Heads Beach. With blue skies and beach vibes, this is one of my favourite places to spend my free time. Plus, EndoRush gives me just the caffeine kick I need.” @julzjulzjulzz #CitySpotlight
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“I grew up here on the Gold Coast and I’ve been skateboarding for about 5 years. I always keep my board in my car so I can skate in my free time. Skating beach side, salty hair & no shoes gives me so much life, clarity and frees my mind.” @julzjulzjulzz #CitySpotlight
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In every city, big or small, you’ll find athletes who seek their shine and stand out from the crowd. #CitySpotlight
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We visited every corner of the globe in search of such athletes. People with a passion for great physiques. A select few who need to be noticed. #CitySpotlight
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The first stop, Australia. Brisbane to be exact. Home to beautiful weather and epic sights all-year round, making it a prime spot for showing off one's hard work in and outside the gym. Our #CitySpotlight starts here.
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Rushing into Day 2 of @thefitexpo like… #LAFitExpo #Endorush
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Stop by the BSN booth #601 for ENDORUSH + BSN Swag. And grab some ENDORUSH RTD outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center and see if you've got what it takes to tackle the BSN Warped Wall! #LAFitExpo
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Team BSN is out here for @thefitexpo! Who's coming out to see us this weekend? #LAFitExpo
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We’re comin’ for everything they said we couldn’t have. Bring on the new year. #FinishFirst
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This lifestyle isn’t for everyone. But we’re not everyone.
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Ignore the noise. Focus on your grind. @nathan_smart1
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Future so bright… Tap profile to see the whole pic.
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…we gotta wear shades. Tap profile to see the whole pic.
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We prefer winter in Miami where it’s always show-off season.
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