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coding with my feet...
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🔥Version 1.9.4 ➡ Update available on App Store and Google Play Store: * Fix copy and paste on iOS! * Fix the search for hashtags on Instagram! * Update the hashtags results every day!
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I've fixed the iOS copy-n-paste bug, but @apple makes it very difficult to publish applications in the App Store. They have billions of dollars and don't invest in improving the developers portal. Google Play Console is infinitely better! When this fix goes to the air, I'll let you know. Sorry for the wait, it's not my fault. 😕
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Hi, I'm @ibnclaudius, the founder. Thank you! We already have more than 150 thousand of users! ❤🤓 Version 2.0 will be released on 12/02. The application is being rebuilt from scratch with a new architecture. We'll have a significant improvement in interface and experience, dependency updates and bug fixes. We're also preparing our infrastructure to support thousands of users simultaneously. Just wait, it will be worth it! More news coming soon! To the moon!
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Brace yourselves! 2.0 coming out soon!
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Version 2.0 coming soon! #leebaby
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Find the best hashtags using our app! 😎
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