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OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON GROWLERS - you may have noticed we have not had 64oz growlers in stock for quite some time. That is not an accident. BGob is transitioning to 32oz Crowler Cans for our primary to-go format. The reasoning is similar to many other breweries who have done so - the beer is fresher, there is a drastic reduction in lossage, and the can is always clean unlike a large percentage of customer growlers. It also allows us to offer more beers to-go because the fills are less liquid. However, we will continue to fill glass growlers of all sizes. So, you can continue to bring in your glassware, but we will not be selling any glass growlers once we are through our current batch of holiday 32oz-ers. You will also notice a small increase in price across the board as we normalize between the two formats. We realize this may upset some folks, but we hope you understand the reasoning. Here at the Goblet, we strive to be transparent about things that affect you, our patrons. We will continue to evaluate the pricing in the coming months, and make adjustments when/if needed. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to the owners or stop through and check out “Baldor the Destroyer, Defiler of Cans”, ‘cause we name everything. The cans are not here yet as they are shipping from the Black Gate of Mordor, so this is a great weekend to come by and get the lower prices on growler fills. We expect to be up and running with this orcish fiend next week.
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The big boy equipment is starting to arrive, like this mondo keg washer/filler. Bub wants a sultry picture laying on it, mike wants to know where he can put LED lights, and Jay only cares about making a fort out of the shipping crate. This is why we can’t have nice things.
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Want to have an awesome Sunday night out? We have 10 tickets for the bus and show with The Sherwood Brothers that we are GIVING AWAY! All you have to do is stop in and see a bartender. Limit two pair per person. Bus leaves Broken Goblet at 5p sharp, so get here a little early.
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Holiday 2017 kicks off with a charitable sprit, an evil Saison and Christmas Vacation! Makes plans to visit BGob during our week of liquid cheer!
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Another awesome night of comedy with Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine for Thanks for the Laughs 3!
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Reminder - we are closed to general public today, but those with tickets for the show are good to go starting at 5pm. Hopefully we see many of you on Friday for the bottle release and other festivities!
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It’s a good day to get teabagged - Bubba’s Sour Tea Bag, barrel aged on plums, releases today! If you a BGob bottle bag, today is a good day to bring it! 10% off 4 or more bottles, and we have some barrel aged sales this weekend as well!
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This Friday, 2017 Sour Tea Bag releases - this is last year’s Cinnamon Plum Ale, soured in a wine barrel and aged on plums for 9 months. Irregulars can grab theirs Thursday!
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As we wind down from a month of festivities, we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU. Charity and giving is one of our core pillars, but that always begins and ends with generosity from others, not from us simply deciding we are going to do it. This month, we wanted to raise $1000 for Breast Cancer Awareness - and with your help we raised over $1400. It makes us feel amazing to cut that check, and we owe gratitude to all of you for getting behind our causes so strongly. So again, thank you!
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Just a normal Saturday here at BGob.
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Another awesome session of Yoga and Flights with @kajdoyle ! If you missed out, keep an eye on our page for the next gathering.
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Welcome to the FREAKSHOW!
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