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Time can be broken if you choose to live life to the fullest 馃構
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Life is like the best ride with all the highs and all the loops to enjoy all for free. Use your free ticket to enjoy as much as possible, whenever possible 馃挜
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Old style, Old Cromwell, check out the latest vlog (linked in da bio 馃構) Yeet yeet
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Sometimes the future isn't clear, just go with it and see where it leads 馃構馃憣
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Light shines through anywhere you may seek to find it. Anywhere at all no matter how dark 馃槑
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Lead the way... Don't stay put in one place, follow your dreams and reach further 馃構
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The final capture showing the true beauty of everything to see at Glacier Burn.. Gotta love to live so close to such stunningness
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Adventure awaits your presence just around the corner, go and check it out, it'll create some of the best memories you'll ever make 馃槉馃憣
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This is only the start of three of the most beautiful photos of Glacier Burn in the summer...
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Directions of life can change greatly, all you need to do is choose your path and stick to it 馃憣
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Flying high like the great orange in the sky 馃構
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The mood is really set by not just the sunrise but also the fact that the sunrise is being captured... Mind blown 馃槣
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