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Brock O'Hurn LA | 6'7" There is nothing like a dream to create the future - | Snapchat | imbrockohurn Email :
What an incredible night! Hope you all tuned in to see Dancing with the Stars tonight and you might have caught me on their All Access Who would want to see me on the show?! 💃🏽🚶🏽
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Practice your dancing and you would kill it!
Please god. Be on the show!
Sunday Night vibes at my place tonight 🎶 Hope you've had an incredible day!
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My heart just melted :)
You're a legend
What's up bud 🐺
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Oh wow @celesticaglass
How cute is this lil guy?! 😍
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This is so cute
Tracking Elephants in Kenya. Can't wait to be back! 🐘
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Eey I'm ready! @wanguifaith3
Shut up!!!!!!!!!@brockohurn
Me at 18. 6'5" and hungry 😉 In case your wondering what's under my beard.. Who thinks I should shave? ⚙
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@n.vann litterally a modern day gladiator😍
Ahh.. Yes. The awkward hand. Am I tucking my hair behind my ear or trying to karate chop someone? We all do it right? Lol What I'm really trying to say is I'm finally back in LA and I missed you all!!!
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Los Angeles, California
@lorraine_malinowski look at this mans account you will not be disappointed
@marvelous.mack I love him and you!!!!!
Until next time 🌅
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Kenya, Africa
Perfect view! @brockohurn
That's my favorite spot. Missing home. @brockohurn
I came out here with a purpose. To help create jobs and preserve wildlife. I am fortunate enough to have a company that allows me to do so. But never in a million years did I know how Africa would impact me.. This place has changed me for the better and I will make sure to do what I can to return the favor 🙏🏽 @ebbandflowjewelry & @morten.thorup / @brockohurnbts
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Karen Blixen Camp Masai Mara
If you asked me what my favorite thing in the world was.. I'd tell you it's to make a child laugh or smile. Even with a language barrier, kindness wasn't unnoticed. It seemed as if they had never seen a smartphone before and loved watching videos of us on it. So shy but still so curious. I love this moment.
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@juliefaerae like shut up just shut up with your refugees and your hair shut up
@gpadd42 Do I detect...jealousy?
I must be looking that way because there's food in that direction.. #logicalthoughts #TheThingsIdDoForPizza
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. @sidneypreal @sidneypedroso
@lisset____ dear gawwwd 😍
Not only a great friend but a gifted writer. Thank you for the write up @nicktweedsimmons Couldn't appreciate it more 🙏🏽 If you want to read a little more about me the link is in my bio 🙌🏽 It may not be what you expect 🙃
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Nairobi, Kenya
@r.odah he was here!!!!!!
Making friends deep in the Loita forest 😏
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You're such a sweetheart 💖💖💖 the world truly needs more people like you, Brock.
@brockohurn #africa a matter very close to my heart.... It's great that your using your fame for such an amazing cause bringing awareness to the world 👏🏽 #bravo #notjustaprettyface
Probably the most surreal feeling to wake up and walk out just to have coffee with about 20-30 hippo this morning. Hard to see it here but check out my new account @brockohurnbts to see my view! Getting ready to head out and camp in the wilderness to track elephants so we can hopefully place new trackers on them to keep them safe from poachers. I probably won't have much service these next few days but I'll do my best to get photos and videos for you guys. This is something I've wanted to be a part of my entire life and now I'm doing it and it won't be the last time. Thank you all for your love and support. Now let's go help save some Elephants! 🐘❤️
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Karen Blixen Camp Masai Mara
@sharonsyombua. Kenya our land
@toriipotts when my hair doesn't even look this good
On my way to Kenya. I couldn't be more thankful for what we are about to do. That through my own company @ebbandflowjewelry I get to go somewhere to create jobs for people in need. To track down and place new trackers on bull elephants to keep them safe from poachers. To do what I can with what I have. This journey is going to be amazing and I can't wait to share it with you.. Never be afraid to stand up and do what's right. Goodbye LA Hello Kenya ✋🏽❤️
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@analuiza_o @reisadnama @estherpsilveira @holanda.vitor @bia_negrao_iparis @clarissa_gaia @rayssaa_p @ivonechaquiam @yasmim_soares foquem nesse cabelo, só no cabelo
Morri @sarahtoledo_ kkkkk
Been friends with this guy since I was 3 years old. We live in different states now and never get to see each other anymore but whenever we do get together I am thankful. Nothing crazy to see here. Just a couple of buddies re-living some old memories together. Goodnight Everyone 🎸
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@indiethelovepug this one plays guitar. I'm in
@jojozim8 there you go
You've heard it before and I'll say it again.. Make Love Not War ❤️🌍
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@mafattori hahahaha saudades dr rir com vc kkkkkkk
It honestly doesn't get any more perfect than him😍😭 @marrae_amalee just look through his posts fr
Looking through old pics realizing I need to travel more 🇩🇪 Hope you've had an amazing Monday!
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@shooxi93 your type 😂
Dann solltest du erst mal deutsch lernen 😉
You all need to see how this guy stole all the girls and I was left sitting alone on snapchat lol Check mine and his stories lol 👻 JiffPom @jiffpom
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@yakkainacam ist er echt
@kurt.rin Ur echt
I am thankful to have the opportunity to not only work with such an incredible organization but also one that I believe in and support. Check them out @noh8campaign
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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this....thanks for being part of the solution and not the problem...@noh8campaign is awesome!!!!