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Summer days, MASSIVE mountains, and a fisherman aesthetically positioned in his red canoe... It doesn鈥檛 get much better than that 馃馃徎馃浂 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AllAboutAdventures
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Questionable things in questionable places... Thanks for the snap @errincasa 馃尣馃尣馃尣 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AllAboutAdventures
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Shoutout to this random guy who walked out onto that log looking all majestic and shizzz 馃帀 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AllAboutAdventures
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The Antelope Canyon of the North 馃馃徎 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 It鈥檚 crazy walking through these frozen slot canyons. In the winter they are so calm, peaceful, and silent. In the summer they are completely full with raging rivers powered by the melting snow in the alpine 馃 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AllAboutAdventures
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The whole landscape was completely frozen, except for the swirling pool of Gatorade in the canyon. 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 I wanted to dive in and drink it all but realized I would definitely perish if I did that 馃拃 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 Thanks for the snap @errincasa 馃挜 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AllAboutAdventures
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You can鈥檛 go wrong with adventures to secret hot springs deep in the Oregonian rainforest 馃尣馃尣馃尣 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 ...Unless you show up late in the day and have to fight for a spot with the naked hippies 馃崚馃崋 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AllAboutAdventures
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Foggy dayzzz at a lake bluer than @zacefron鈥檚 eyes and more reflective than your bathroom mirror 馃馃徎 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AllAboutAdventures
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MAXIMUM chill level achieved on a 7200 foot cliff 馃殌馃挴 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AllAboutAdventures
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I had such an epic time flying with @alpinehelicopters when I was in Alberta last week 馃殎 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 It was such an amazing feeling to be able to fly in between, around, and over the massive Canadian Rocky Mountains 馃彅 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AlpineHeli #RediscoverYourWonder #AllAboutAdventures
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I can鈥檛 figure out if this looks more like a scene from Star Wars or Game of Thrones 馃 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AllAboutAdventures
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I鈥檓 heading to the Vietnamese embassy today to get my Vietnam travel visa. 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 Do you have any recommendations for places to visit in Vietnam and Indonesia? 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 The next @allaboutadventures trip is gonna be OFF the rocker. If you鈥檙e going to be in the most Southeast of the Asia鈥檚 during February and March hit me up 馃馃徎 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AllAboutAdventures
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This takes the cake for the best sunrise I鈥檝e ever experienced 馃巶 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 Being amongst these majestic beasts surrounded by the towering Rocky Mountains makes you realize how small we really are 馃悳馃寧 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #AllAboutAdventures
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