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“I’m a bigger guy so showing people that a bigger guy can complete a marathon is really motivating,” says @hecisdead. After running 11 half-marathons in 4 years, Hector took the leap and completed his first full-length: The 2017 NYC Marathon. “I’m the founder of We Run Uptown, so knowing that I had the support of so many people really helped get me through it. I wanted to make sure they believe in me.” #EveryBODYHappy
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Two workouts 💪💪 are better than one. @natwhat and @notoriousbbg have resolved to be there for each other this year. 👍👍 Tag YOUR gym buddy! #ResolutionHappy #EveryBODYHappy #GirlPower
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Back at it again, @morganspiegel! #EveryBODYHappy
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Make every rep lift you higher.💪💪 And do like @nadiavassellsalon says: “Try one new thing a week.” #ResolutionHappy #EveryBODYHappy
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👆… ✌️… 👌… 2018 is the year of taking it one step at a time, right @JamesLo704 #EveryBODYHappy
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Say goodbye to old-school resolutions. Find a new way to look at resolutions like @iamlshauntay. 🙃#EveryBODYHappy #ResolutionHappy
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Strength begins with confidence. @ohmytiserin #EveryBODYHappy
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Sweat off the bad resolutions. 😅😅😅 Do like Nelida and focus on doing something that makes you feliz. Todos los días. #ResolutionHappy
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Ready.❓Set. ⏳Go.🏋️‍ It’s time for one more rep than yesterday. #WeekendWorkout #ResolutionHappy #GirlsWhoLift
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This year, wave negativity goodbye. You do you. @Hecisdead knows that’s what #ResolutionHappy is all about.🙌 🙌 🙌
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Leap into 2018, guilt-free. @iamlshauntay knows resolutions are meant to make you happy.😄 #ResolutionHappy
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Turn work into play. @notoriousbbg’s resolution is to be there for her workout buddy, @natwhat. #ResolutionHappy
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