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#Repost @wolfenstein ・・・ Eliminate Nazis as you sneak around a Tinseltown film studio in the next episode of The Freedom Chronicles DLC, available January 30! #Wolf2
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We’re happy to confirm our continued development partnership with @panicbuttongames, who will be bringing Wolfenstein II to #NintendoSwitch. We're excited to share more information on #Wolf2 soon!
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A living legend… and the best colleague you could ever ask for. Congratulations to Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard on being announced as this year’s recipient of the NY Videogame Awards' Legend Award.
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#Repost @tes@egends ・・・ Our first Chaos Arena of 2018 happens this weekend. Join Sheogorath & all the Madness starting this Friday @ NOON ET!!
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#Repost @doom ・・・ Knuckle-deep in a glory kill. #DOOM Slayer fan art by terriblelizard on Tumblr. (
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Repost: @wolfenstein --- Rooms on Evas Hammer were uniquely decorated by the residing Resistance members. Here’s a look at Bombate’s quarters, art by Oskar Edlund. #Wolf2
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#Repost @teslegends ・・・ New to The Elder Scrolls Legends? Turn rookie mistakes into beginner’s luck with our latest guide: #TESlegends
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Barons of Hell are large, powerful, and generate energy fireballs to attack against enemies. #DOOM
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#Repost @teslegends ・・・ Our weekend Rumble is underway! Play until you get 9 wins or 3 losses, then collect your prize!! #TESLegends
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#Repost @teslegends ・・・ Our first weekend event of 2018 is this weekend!! Rumble Gauntlet kicks off at 6am ET on Saturday, January 13th. #TESLegends
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#Repost @doom ・・・ Know Your Demons: With a cortical bone plate that covers their face, the Pinky will utilize it as a battering ram as they charge their prey. #DOOM
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#Repost @wolfenstein ・・・ Terror-Billy goes incognito as a fireman in downtown Roswell. Wonder how long he can fool the Nazis? (Art by character artist Daniel Johnsson.) #Wolf2
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