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I spy a seal surfing
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Someone has to pay the bills around here @biggysmallz
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Thank you @ParisJackson our humanitarian of the day for helping us charter a plane to distribute relief in Aguadilla to those in need. #BeStrongGlobalBetter #thisisacrisis xoxo
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$50,000 will be donated to Texas this week in our continued support of this hard hit region #BStrong #100percent #thisisacrisis #stillworkingforyouTexas Donate at
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Grab a mug for a good cause. 25% of the proceeds from my mug sale go towards disaster relief efforts. Shop now at #linkinbio
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THANK YOU for helping people in need. Without your support it wouldn't be possible #BStrong #100PERCENT #thisisacrisis Donate at
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It is important that you know how you invest in relief. Where BStrong donations are used: Your donations are used to give people cash cards or if some 911 crisis comes up or a specific supplies issue, ie: when Steve Harvey donated 25k specifically for trucking. The planes, millions of $ in relief, planes, ships, clothes, I hustle for & get donated by the more fortunate individuals, organizations & corps. Xoxo Donate at 100% goes to relief #BStrong
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#THISISACRISIS On October 14th our team made it to Yabucoa(the hardest hit)with the help of Anibal (ex-governor of Puerto Rico) impacting 125 families. No one had been there to help them yet. People are drinking contaminated water from mountain creeks, as result more and more deaths are being recorded due to leptospirosis. We provided water filter systems and food in this community. @mangosmiami Restaurant/Bar in South Beach donated the plane to make this possible. #BStrong #100percent #PR911
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#Bstrong has raised millions in planes, relief & donations & is working on a cargo ship with 15 mil lbs- the equivalent of 600 school buses of relief valued at approx $50 mil to go to PR/USVI #BStrong is also donating $50k in cash gift cards to the victims of the CA fires to rebuild. Please donate to #thisisacrisis #100 % goes to relief. Xo
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New phone, who's this? #OneVoice phone lines are closed but you can still donate at #BStrong #100percent #PR911 馃摲: @kevinmazur
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#randomactsofkindness @theellenshow #100percent #wedobetter #BStrong Donate at
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