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The show might be cool, but backstage is where the magic happens 🤘
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⚡️Accessories to take your sporty look to the next level (keep it street)⚡️
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Don't focus on where to spend the night, focus on how to spend it 🌙Rock this Friday night! 💥
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⚡️Faded? Dark? Classic? Choose your kind of 👖? ⚡️
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"I love dancing, especially when you let yourself go" @yorgary , 18, shares his lifestyle philosophy ⏯🎧
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The Shakers' #1 rule? Focus on what really matters: yourself!
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Go high, even higher than a skyscraper 🏙🔝
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"Dancing is a form of self-expression". ⏯ Jade, 19, shares her lifestyle philosophy 🙌🆙
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Close your eyes and lose yourself to dance ⚡
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The Shakers are those bold people who dare to move and change the world. Dare to shake it! 🎧🔝
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Fifty shades of #bershkastartmoving 🏁
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When you are a shaker and you love it 💪🏅
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