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@hemp2o is back on @amazon ! Yeeeeeeee
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I’m trying to tell yall this #89 is so bomb ! #londonpoundcake #cookies
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#89 looking fine ! Can’t wait to drop this #londonpoundcake
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Diabetes is something that has effected so many people in all our lives. Its something to be taken very serious . So many young people are struggling and being forced to take medicine that is terrible for our body & mind . We decided to donate the proceeds to the groups researching THC - V and CBD for alternative treatment . We will announce the group this week . If you have any input or companies to suggest please leave below. #healthiswealth #marijuanaismedicine #cookiesforthecure shout out to @jigga415 & my brother @powerzzzup
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Baby jr .. lol
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Great times
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Me & my best friend a few years back . Time flys so quick
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Strawberry shortcake in AZ tho ! #theexotikz
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Just got to Phoenix ... pull up
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AZ 💨💨💨💨💨
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We are in queen creek at #REEF for the #exotikz drop .. see you guys in Phoenix next #thebigpescado
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See you guys there !
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