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The maidens with the flaming hair are as fierce as they are fair...
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Two of my favorite things are modeling wedding gowns and being in Charleston, so I’m pretty thrilled to have been chosen for Charleston Wedding Week! 💕
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The Great Influenza Epidemic of 2017 is over. #survivor #germs #flu-nope
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I was supposed to leave for the beach yesterday with one of my best friends, we were going to take our horses. But, I apparently caught the flu, so instead of riding on the beach on my horse, I am lying on the couch in my onesie. My throat hurts. This fever is for real. And I may be dying. I think I pretty much am dying. I, Belle Crouse, of boiling hot mind, and gigantic tall body, hereby bequeath (just learned that word. My mom believes I have to be homeschooled even when I am dying) my dog, Cooper and all of my financial holdings (I have $14 in my checking, a little bit in savings, a Starbucks gift card, and $4 left at Sephora) to my love @couldbeoscar. Coleman, please mourn me appropriately (I would like you to do so for 45 years) and when you do date again, you better not date someone patient or with easily controllable hair or I will haunt you. I leave all my makeup to @jinesbit. Not that she needs it with her gorgeous self, but she has make up skills for days. I leave one of my horses to @faithdeal_ and one to @lauren_ackerman. I’m not totally sure that either one of them actually ride horses, but I’m pretty sure that they are two of the sweetest, kindest girls I know, and that flowing blonde hair will look amazing on horseback! I leave all my clothing to @nataliecclarke also I leave all of Nat’s clothing that I borrowed to her too. Nat, don’t let anybody who has ever been mean to me pretend they are my friend at my funeral, I just pretty much need you to throat punch those people;) And go ahead and take selfies by my casket holding a taco. Put a taco in my mouth and take pics too, put it on Instagram and tag me so I will get more followers (dude, I still hate social media and will continue to hate it when I’m dead but thank you for trying to get me to hate it less). @eelewis00 gets my shoes. Us size 11’s gotta stick together. @zay._.x you get all my books, my computer, iPhone. You are a brilliant force of nature and I’m going to miss you. PS...I still hate Ohio for taking you from me. I need @cpdtraveller @taracorinneee and @taylorheeryphoto to do my eulogy. Lay. It. On. Thick. So long old friends. I’m going toward the light. Gasp... #death
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Today was a very good day💕 Smile by @couldbeoscar Lip color by @bitebeauty Hair in desperate need of a haircut by @belle.crouse
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Axel Rose or Belle Crouse!?🤘🏻 #repost from the amazing @leewilsonportraits
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Maybe Monday doesn’t like you either...
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One of my very favorite photographers and people @catfordcoates has a showing that opens THIS Friday at #epioneintegratedhealingclinic here in Asheville from 5:30-8:30. I do hope you’ll come see her amazing work. I will be there for hugs and awkwardness! 19 Zillicoa Street, west entrance, Suite 3 AVL 28801
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🍂See ya later October🍁
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So honored to have walked for one of my favorite designers @tygerianlace this weekend at the @thefaceclt Issue 6 release party. 💕
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The Face Magazine Issue 6 Launch Party was amazing, as are these beautiful people... #ilooklikeanoscar #imisscouldbeoscar
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