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@spartanrace Trifecta is happening this year. Time to get this skinny girl back in shape. @couldbeoscar...let’s do this! 💪🏻 #spartanstrong
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Happy Valentine’s Day to this handsome guy❤️ It’s my first year actually having a Valentine (as I had no plans to be in a relationship until I was old and gray) but, I’ve got to say, it’s pretty great. 😉💕 #spoiled
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At 16, I was a funny, skinny little thing, all eyelashes and legs. And suddenly, people told me it was gorgeous, I thought they had gone mad. Twiggy
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Fun fact...Risotto is my favorite food. I had the best risotto in my life right around the corner from this cool painting. And those pants fit a bit more snug after that. Wishing my @3blackbirdmanagement team members an amazing time @nyfw this week!
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Huge thank you to @tygerianlace for the stunning jumpsuit she made for my winter formal (that’s a prom for the homeschool set😉). And the boomerang at the end is when I thought this Kardashian rear of mine broke the zipper, but alas, the jumpsuit held together, my butt wasn’t bared, and the night was awesome. Also, my fella is hot in a suit. 📸 @taylorheeryphoto
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I’m happier with my life, my journey and myself than I have been in long time. I’m done trying to conform to fit impossible standards. The realization that I am enough is an amazing feeling. This smile is real y’all and big things are on the horizon. 💕 Pic by lady boss (and my boss) @taylorheeryphoto Makeup and hair by @powdermepretty #workcollaboratecreate
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7 months down, forever to go. 💕
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I was told there would be tacos. I see no tacos...
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I love anything wedding related! And I’ve had such an amazing year interning with @taylorheeryphoto as a wedding and event planner. Today, we launched my website for Wedding Belle’s NC and I have begun planning weddings on my own! I have quite a few events booked this year already and I couldn’t be happier to be building a career doing something that brings me so much joy! Go check out my new website www.weddingbellesnc.com and it would mean so much to me if you took a second and gave @weddingbellesnc a follow! 💕✨
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So long Florida. See ya soon NC. 💕 #family
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Missing snow and my North Carolina boys. ❄️💕
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i solemnly swear i am up to no good.
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All smiles because I’m Disney bound. See ya soon sunshine state. ☀️
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hey hey Sunday ✨
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New Beginnings, New Adventures, New Year...let’s do this! #2018 Also, I love @tahegri of @taylorheeryphoto 💕
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Happy 6 months to this amazing human being I get to call mine. Thank you for being patient and kind with my crazy self. Thank you for showing me a unconditional love that never wavers and is through the thick and thin. Thank you for being my person to laugh with and my shoulder to cry on. I thought I would never write one of these posts and become a nun, so also thanks for coming along and for being very cute 😉 I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. I love you Coleman Criss. 💕 #6downforevertogo P.S. We walked out of a wedding I planned like this. 🙈😏 P.S.S...I apologize if I gave you the Ebola flu.
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So thankful for all the adventures, opportunities and amazing people I have gotten to meet and work with this year! Can’t wait for 2018’s adventures! Happy New Year! #best9
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We clean up pretty good. 😏❤️
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🌲Merry Christmas🌲
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I was raised with all brothers and never had sisters, so I appreciate my faux family 💕
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Merry Christmas.🎄❤️😸
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On this day, long ago, a fair maiden was born. She had a beautiful heart, a beautiful face and better abs than all the other maidens in the land. The maiden was so loved by those in the kingdom, and she was especially loved by her court jester/taco taster, Belle, and the two had many a lovely adventure. Let us all raise our swords and corn tortillas and wish Lady Natalie Clarke a very tasty and very celebrated day of birth! @nataliecclarke I❤️U!
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my faithful steed. 💕
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