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⚔Beards 4 Beds⚔ Check out the link in our bio for the second annual Beards 4 Beds show & Beard Competition! Join us Saturday, March 10th from 6-10pm at Boxcar Bar & Arcade in Greensboro, NC for a fun filled evening 🍻🎩🔪
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⚔LOYALS⚔ On behalf of BVWNC, we would like to say congratulations on earning your LOYALS patches brothers! Very well deserved 🎩🔪🍻
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⚔OFFICERS⚔ We would like to announce the newest addition to our chapter officer team, @beardedmofo_0525. Jonny is taking on the position of our Chapter Financial Officer. Jonny has been a valuable part of our chapter from the start & we are glad to have him aboard behind the scenes 👊🏻🍻🔪🎩🔥
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⚔️The Return⚔️ “Allow us to reintroduce ourselves...” #BVRaiseYourGlass #OGTipYourHat
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⚔WINTER⚔ . Cold days, warm face...--unknown . #BVwinter #WNCtheme
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⚔SILLY⚔ . There's power in looking silly and not caring that you do. - Amy Poehler . #BVSilly #WNCTheme
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⚔THANKFUL⚔ Last night BVWNC gathered for a holiday celebration! We broke bread, exchanged gifts, & shared laughs. We are thankful for this brotherhood that brought us together so we can enjoy nights like this.
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Congratulations to our newly ranked BV MEMBERS @bearded.vaper87 @vgrocker89 @thak1dd @b20vteccrx23
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⚔ Exploring the Earth ⚔️ "Life is not meant to be lived in just one spot. Travel! Explore! Live!" -unknown #BVExplore #OGTraveling Pic: @encompassing_photography
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⚔THE SCOUT⚔ Bearded Villains WNC would like to Congratulate our Chapter Co-Captain @fight_with_heart for earning his scout patch! Congratulations bro 🎩🔪🍻
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⚔FLAG SHOOT⚔ First picture from our official BV flag shoot! Cone Manor looks over one of the most beautiful views on the Blue Ridge Parkway right outside of Boone, NC. Photos by: @encompassing_photography
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⚔OFFICERS⚔ We would like to officially welcome @bearded.vaper87 to the WNC officer team 👊🏼 Adam will be our second Chapter Lieutenant alongside Matt, @beardedlyfe. Welcome to the team brother!
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