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⚔️ #Style The style is always strong with our brother and MEMBER @trabascano from @beardedvillains_northernsquad 🇮🇹 #sidebeardOnPoint
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⚔️ #Brotherhood WHAT DOES BROTHERHOOD MEANS TO YOU ? ( Comment below and tag your brothers ) This is @mauro.ponti @cuerpolocuaz @il_tano_ from @beardedvillainsargentina 🇦🇷 sharing a good time, sharing life. When some time ago lots of us were strangers with beards to each other and now we have brothers for life. 🎩⚔️💯 cheers to all Bearded Villains for the GOOD VIBES.
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⚔️ #SUNDAYVILLAINVIBES Getting together is part of our traditions and it is what makes us unique "TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER" this is @beardedvillains_nl at their most recent meet. ⚔️💯🎩 salute to our brothers in Netherlands 🇳🇱
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⚔️ #TheBabyAndTheBeard The ultimate shield of protection for daddy's girl is daddy's arms .....and beard . Photo via @speez_fitness
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⚔️ #FlagFriday Our traveling flag made a stop at @beardedvillainskansas protected by our brothers fine beards ⚔️👌🏼
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⚔️ #OGthemes "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenements halls.... And whispered on the sounds of silence" - Paul Simon #BVhalls #OGprophets This is @matthewleeglover and @iambencraft Photo by @welshy0404
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⚔️ #LEGACY When I first started this journey a lot of my friends looked at me like I was crazy. Some still do asking me what the hell is #beardedvillains Some laughed and thought it was some sort of joke. As time has passed, those same people have come to respect it. They see all the work We put in and the lives we've changed with our hard work and dedication. Sure we love our beards and take cool pictures, yes we have talented guys who do some amazing art work and provide us with bad ass edits but that is just the tip of the iceberg. We've helped build houses for families in need, helped sick children fight cancer and other illnesses, Fed the homeless and this is just the beginning. our brotherhood covers the entire globe and continues to grow, not only in numbers but with great ideas in how to change this world. I couldn't be prouder to be a part of this. And those who laughed I hope that laugh is now a smile after seeing what this has turned into. We will have some amazing stories to hand down to our children and grand children brothers. Be proud on what we are and what is yet to come. #bethechange #onebrotherhoodoneship #brothersforlife #worldwidebrotherhood #proudtobeavillain Classic Edit by MEMBER @mkvlx and Caption by BOARD MEMBER @d0n_big0te
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⚔️ #FAMILY ( TAG A BEARDED DAD ) Every moment counts and can make such an impact in their lives. Our kids we protect, our kids we teach and our kids will remember these moments. This is a classic photo from MEMBER @don_corleone1979 from @beardedvillains_nl getting pampered by his daughter.
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⚔️ #DapperVillain Suit Up, Comb that beard and go kick some ass because today you have another opportunity, today you have another chance, today you still can. Life is too short my brother and we never know how long it will last. #getUpandkickass ! This is MEMBER @art_lav_mus from @beardedvillainsbelarus 🎩⚔️💯
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⚔️ It is with heavy heart that I'm sharing this. One of our brothers from @bea@beardedvillains_sweden , @skaeggtroll is now resting in peace. Joining Bearded Villains was one of his goals and as a hopeful he had already shared great memories with his chapter. This is why he will always be remembered as a BV MEMBER in our Memory. Our heart and thoughts are go out to Sebastian's family and our brothers from @beardedvillains_sweden 🎩RIP Sebastian.
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