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SO. DAMN. BALLER. @tunerevo #tunerevo #tesocal
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So happy I got to see this car again. Thanks for bringing it out and helping us shoot @jaycraaay! #tunerevo
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WHAT. A. WEEK. This has been one of the most incredible trips ever. Huge thank you to @halcyonphoto and @srodriguez92 for allowing me to tag along, and for having trust in my skills to get the job done. I had a blast, shooting, sharing memes, and just all in all having a great time. This has been an amazing opportunity for me and we busted our asses to create content. I’m sore, I’m tired, but I still don’t wanna go home. Watch for Ant’s film release soon to see what him and I worked very hard on. Its gonna be a crazy one. With that said, the final set of photos from our mountain run are up in my bio! Give em a look.
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@socaldana_rcf 😍 —- TUNER EVO COVERAGE IS LIVE! Hit that link in my bio. #tunerevo #tesocal
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@tunerevo PHOTO COVERAGE IS LIVE! Hit that link in my bio to check it out! - Download the Flickr app to save hi-res. —— @md_interiors GTR
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See you all tomorrow! Doors open at 11AM! #tunerevo
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TE Roll in day! See you all at the show tomorrow 🤟🏼 @bagd_q50
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LA River hangs - @pure_kdm
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Bored sitting in the airport so heres some @rotarystar for your day
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LA bound this wednesday for @tunerevo! Who will I be seeing there? #tunerevo #tunerevolution
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I had the awesome opportunity to shoot with @halcyonphoto for his upcoming Tuner Evo Chicago video! Such an awesome experience. Heres a little taste of what is coming soon from him! Thank you again Anthony!
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Cold weather blues
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