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The Daily Times Sports Review of 2017 lists my Gold Medal in Bangkok as one of the highlights!
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Father and son training together at @muaythaifagroup , the family that trains together, stays together. #baby #martialarts #MMA #muaythai #boxing #clinch #FA #Pakistan #ONEFC #ONEchampionship
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About to start interview with eFM. A radio show about #SEA based #entrepeneurs! With the man himself - @danablouin
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One night in Bangkok! Anyone interested in experiencing the martial arts lifestyle,drop me a line. #Bangkok is the capital of combat sports.
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Welcome to the world of Muay Thai
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What a year @onechampionship!
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2018 Goal. Convince @amirkingkhan to compete with me in the cage.
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Channel 7 Stadium. New Years Eve. All the lessons of the year come together. Join me for facebook live as you get a candid glimpse of where things are now. I suggest my friends in particular tune in. #newyears #firesidechat #2018
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"Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory." Sun Tzu "The Art of War"
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Check out the newest signing for @rich_franklin ONE Warrior Series. I welcome Stamp @fairtex_training_center to a new journey in life! Super talented girl that literally fought her family out of poverty. Part of the documentary Buffalo Girls that shows the story of impoverished children from North East Thailand who fight Muay Thai to earn money for the family. Big news in the world of Muay Thai and a sign of the coming renaissance of Muay Thai in the martial arts world. Read more here -
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Thank You @pakobserver for printing news of my momentous victory! Thank You all for the support. #hashtag
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@haaris1994 a student of mine, stumbles upon a website in the USA selling a picture of me on a t-shirt. Random. If you happen to want to buy one. The link is I have no connection to the website. #godfather #fashion #mma #martialarts #bashir #pakistan #pakmma
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