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Eight years ago we quit our jobs to travel around the world. Eight years ago we were here, in Cambodia, first stop of our nearly eight months away from home. And it is still one of the best decision we made.... I'm thinking a lot about that travel lately and I think I will share more pictures of that beautiful adventure in order to remember how beautiful can be the world, how many experiences you can try and different people meet. Travel is our passion, our life... we can't wait to start see faraway countries again with the girls!!
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Barefoot and my new shirt to celebrate this beautifully warm and sunny day. is still summer after all...
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Happy Birthday to me! After an afternoon of shopping with these two crazy little monkeys and my wonderful husband, the present that I loved most is the crown that Alma made for me! I am a lucky queen! 馃懜
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Remembering summer evenings, playing outside, collecting flowers, looking for fireflies... now it is cold and rainy outside. Let's have a cup of tea and a good book. Any suggestion?
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#venice ... no words needed.
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Looking for #unicorns with #damienhirst in #venice 馃 We spent the day in my favorite city and visited the last monumental exhibition of Hirst. Not a conventional way to celebrate our anniversary! 馃挄
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We finally made it. And I'm so proud of my girls that walked for 9.5km almost without complaining. Almost...
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When your daughters,to let you know how much they missed you while you were working, collect beautiful summer flowers...
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For the second time...with friends, laughs and good music! @doppiaci @difelicev @nromagna @mrfriz81
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Here, in this really beautiful museum...for the second time. But now we have two little curious monkeys that keep asking questions non-stop! And we are coming back home with a lot of answers, still a lot of questions and a huge book about dinosaurs! (Zoe's new obsession)!
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We come here 4/5 times per year...and it is still one of my favorite place
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Summer snack. I love that my parents have a beautiful big garden where I can found peaches, apricots and figs! 馃崗馃崌馃崘
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