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Let's learn to look through others eyes. 馃摲 I love photography and so happy to know such a talented guy!
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Sisterhood 馃挌馃挍 I came across this picture two days ago and I can't stop staring at it. It was taken nearly three years ago and it's the perfect synthesis of my kids: "sweet and always looking for cuddles" Zoe and "smart and naughty" Alma. At least they used to be like this! Zoe is turning into an early teen and Alma is always looking for cuddles!! And there are dramas and screaming between these two but I'm sure they will always be there for each other. #notonlymama #thewomoms #instamamme #seekthesimplicity #sisterhood #mamasgirlgang #latergram
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Happy birthday @doppiaci 馃槝馃槝馃槝
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Art is a serious thing. Definitely not for kids. 馃槈
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#carnival 馃幁
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Enjoying little things 馃尲 with a good company.. 馃挏 路 路 路 路 路 路 #notonlymama #thewomoms #instamamme #vscoitaly #flower #pink #mamasgirlgang #lifewithkids #clickinmoms #onlygoodvibes
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It has been a hard week. I finally realize that being a mama with a full time job, a kid attending the first year at school (homework for the first time!), sports and afternoons with little friends, can be too much to handle. I have been nervous, Alma has been sick and we both have been stacked inside for three days. But today everything is coming to normality. Finally. And we found time to meet a new friend! 馃惍 #notonlymama #thewomoms #instamamme #vscoitaly #seekthesimplicity #fridays #instafollow #blackandwhite #mamasgirlgang #followfriday
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Even if I love hot tea, snowy days and having excuses to eat chocolate, I am happy that my house is remembering me that we are getting closer to spring... every time that these orchids of mine are full in bloom I am surprised by the beauty.
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When you are Italian and it's nearly dinner time, this is one of the best bouquet you can give me! 馃崫 #notonlymama #thewomoms #instamamme #vscoitaly #beautifulitaly #sundays #food #picoftheday #instadaily
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Assaggio una pera ed esclamo "猫 deliziosa! La migliore che io abbia mai mangiato". E niente... Alma mi rimprovera perch茅 anche la frutta ha la faccia anche se non la vediamo e quello che ho detto 猫 scortese nei confronti del resto della frutta nel cesto. La sua fantasia a volte 猫 disarmantemente bella!!! I was tasting a pear and saying "it's delicious. The best I have ever have!". And Alma reproves me because even fruit has a face (even if we cannot see it) and can listen and what I have said is not kind to the rest of the fruit... 馃崘馃崘馃崘
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What a great way to start the 2018! Friends, sun, snow and a sky that absolutely requires no filters at all!!
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2017 you have been full of beautiful moments, of friendship, of family milestones, of travel... 2018 go ahead like this ok?! 馃槈
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