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Niggas move to atl and become the person they were always dying to be because they couldn't be that person around the ppl they grew up wit. Atl use to be the true essence of black culture.
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When I flew into #Chicago this past week I picked up a book about #fre#fredhampton in the airport, something about it just grabbed my attention. #incredibly #dope #man馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従 #gre#great #inspiration #great #passion and #commitment at such young age #supreme #being馃憡馃従馃憡馃従馃憡馃従馃憡馃従馃憡馃従 DONT BE A WILLIAM O'NEAL 馃懏馃徎馃懏馃徎馃懏馃徎馃懏馃徎 the #nigga in the front right of this pic馃懏馃徎 ALWAYS STRIVE TO BE LIKE 馃憠馃徔馃憠馃徔馃憠馃徔馃憠馃徔#fredhampton 馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴 鈾狅笍鈾狅笍鈾狅笍鈾狅笍Always surround yourself with like minded ppl. 馃摙馃摙馃摙馃摙馃摙馃摙馃摙馃摙 After becoming accepted in the Panther Party, O`Neal served as the group`s chief of security. Eventually he supplied the floor plan to the West Side Panther Party headquarters that was the target of a controversial December 1969 predawn raid in which Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were slain in a fusillade of law-enforcement bullets. Happy bday #fredhampton
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I need a REAL #publicist 馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従馃檹馃従 I need someone who fits the brand. Someone who matches my dedication. I need someone who can bring things to life. Get at me.
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I can't wait for the world to see what I see. @luvpreciousway #bars #bangladeshmusicgroup
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Never withhold information that can uplift your culture. I'm a Profit, a Pharoh, a King and God (Swipe) left
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@50cent #Power didn't air because this shit. Fuck outta here with this shit. Niggas in heels stunting and shit. I wanted to see #ghost and #tommy lay the murder game down. Rip Raina
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I mean they are being responsible. They put em in day care so they can fuck all day. Lil nigga be in the way. Ain't my son. Fuck your punk ass fort lil nigga.
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He got that, "I just wanna eat u out mustache." That old nigga in the club who don't wanna hurt nobody, just wanna eat a lil and buy u something. Lol them x-temp niggas be smelling like brut cologne u get for Christmas. What the fuck is this product anyways? I think u deserve a eat out mustache pose. 馃槀
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It so crazy how we can go our entire lives without change. It crazy how we as a culture never add any important or truth to better our situation. We tend to live in fear of thinking outside the box. We are scared of failure and embarrassment. We only do what was learned to do from birth, like drinking cow milk, eating meat, believing doctors, believing in the school system and church. I say this to say we need to start exhausting our energy on the truth to become great like we should be. Dick Gregory dedicated his life to his ppl not income or advancement. A great man I want to be like. #bangladesh
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"This is what they expect from me" 馃槀馃槀馃槀I say this all the time. I need to step it up. 馃槀
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