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The word friend isn't shit anymore. Family isn't about blood anymore. Everyone thinks your crazy when you think for yourself. Being humble ain't lit enough. 馃
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Do u know those ppl that started hanging out with the so called cool kids, or the gangsters and all of a their confidence is booster and now they're tougher than leather. Now u want to fight ppl cause your on the tough side because your now 1 of the 2 dark skin dude on the team so u feel like your tough cause the rest of your squad is light skin. #Wes#Wes#Westbrook been the same. #Durant in gettin new pussy now his attitude is changing right in front of us. #Westbrook exposed his weakness. His weakness is that he's not tough at all and showed that in his performance in this game. #Westbrook cut the head off the snake last night. #rea#real #regconize #real
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If your aunt looks like this her food is too salty. She fries her chicken in butter crisco grease. Her mac n cheese has too much cheese and not enough pasta.
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"A killer holiday your dying to celebrate." We take what they give us. We don't seek truth in any aspect of life. We're robotically programmed to fail under their control. How can u be free if your programmed to do what your told without logic? Without question? Oh cause u were programmed to not question logical shit through religion but you will question the fuck outta this caption I'm sure. We dying at a rapid pace cause we're not -ddiscipline in what we're putting in our body. We feed the babies Similac when momma titties produce breast milk. The greatest vitamin intake God created for your child but u don't have time to breast feed cause u trying to get to the money and buy a section at the club. #paganholiday
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Old niggas when they see young girls. When niggas have sex addictions they think it's ok to take it. I'm not a dog guy. He needs to be locked the fuck up for this shit for putting that cock on his cock.
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From @daedae to @beyonce back #south to @liltunechi and up to @iiswhoiis my #versatility is #unlimited 馃弳馃弳馃弳馃弳馃弳 #grammys of #expertise under my belt. What you doing?
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@wefamous2most #new #shit #hotbox feat. @omgitsharveyj #bangladeshmusicgroup tell me when you wanna see this.
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Super heroes 馃憡馃従 make the world a better place ladies.
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If my sound had parents @missymisdemeanorelliott would be my styles mother. I was fortunate to be on her #cookbook album back in 2005 without ever meeting her. (Plaque is on the wall behind us) I felt like I made it cause my idol picked my track to place on her album. I felt chosen cause the industry was so political back then. Now we been in contact for 2 years and finally about to work. She told me that I'm one of the few great ones. My response was "I didn't think ppl notice great shit anymore." She reassured me that it is recognized. Looking back Full circle I was the only male in my high school bumping #aaliyah album in my walkman. 馃嵈#cooking #top #shelf #shit #bih
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馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 chicken nugget 馃嵈aayee can I get a ah?
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"Taste good" dropping, when y'all want it?
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My 1st born daughter turned 18 nov. 16th. She's so beautiful. We get along great. She gonna be a great leader. (Swipe)
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