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Adult life got me feeling like... 😪 Need a vacay soon, anybody 🙋🏻
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No dog, pet a tiger instead can?
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Cny and I'm going to clinic 😔
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Have a woof-ing good year ahead!
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Afraid of what's next in life
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Happy Lunar New Year 🐶 Mandatory temple visit every year
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Dog year is coming, totally not looking forward to it 😔 Faster pig year pls 😭 Are you superstitious like me? 😅
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! ♥️ Don't anyhow ah guys, if not you'll have Scorpio baby 😑
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Today, my grab driver suddenly burp while driving. And I felt nauseous 🤢 Guess I found my pet peeve
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Loving earthy tones lately 🍂🍁🌾
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New is always fresher, more exciting, more fun. But don't forget once that is gone, everyone is that same old boring human. #itsthesame
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