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So I invested in Swedens first cold brew coffee company. Pretty cool startup that's innovating the Swedish way of coffee drinking. You should definitely check them out @modecoldbrew ❄️☕️✊️🇸🇪
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Hey guys, my GRAVITY app just relaunched on iPhone/Android and it stems from my love of gaming and my wanting to continue to create better and better music driven gaming experiences for my fans. GRAVITY HD lets you enter a sort of flow-like state while riding through perpetual, visually stunning environments inspired by my music, and allows you to have a supercool experience no matter your skill level 🤙🎮🏆 🎮Link in BIO🎮 #hellotheregames
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U and me baby aint nothing but mammals...
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Hey brother ✌️
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Fact of the day: More people die every year from taking selfies than from shark attacks. Stay safe out there ✌️🦈❤
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Cant live with it, cant live without it.
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A cuddle a day keeps the instinct away. (The hunting instinct.) (Just kidding.)
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Friends of mine, I present to you “Friend of mine” 🎬 (LINK IN BIO)
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I recommend everyone to put Table Mountain on their bucket list and be amongst clouds ⛰☁️ #tablemountain
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Music is a big part of my life 🤫
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Cape town from Table Mountain 💛❤
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