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BOSS CLASS - S500 Customer requested to colour code(murder out) all the chrome trims around the vehicle, with the consideration of maintaining resale value for the near future. Our solution was to use our latest paint technology HALO EFX, which is a peel type polymer base paint system. HALO EFX allows the owner to remove the colour coded components and revert the vehicle back to OEM when it comes time to sell. This helps maintain resale value and protects those OEM components over time. Stay tuned as we go through the process on how we murder out this S500.
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3AM 10TH DEC 2017 - Hot Import Nights Australia SHOW TIME! After 10 days of getting the Rocket Bunny 350z ready for this big day we felt *smashed*...there was no time for sleep as we needed to bump in the car at 5am. No trailer QUEEN here, owner Chook built this car not only to represent Hot Import Nights Australia but to drive it! The car was driven from our workshop to the show. 430am BP fuel stop. This was truely an amazing moment seeing the car roll on the streets of Sydney for the first time. We couldn't stop staring as we watched the different lights reflect off the "IKUCHI" colour, complimented by the phat Rocket Bunny kit and beautiful gold Rotiform wheels. At this point we were relieved we made the deadline and all those late nights paid off. 6AM bed time! Check out all the sponsors of this build for making it happen! Major Sponsors: Concept Garage - Body work Haloefx Australia - Removable paint Auto Elements - Halo EFX paint application AutoCraze - Rotiform Wheels Nitto Tyres Australia - Tyres Printasaurus - Graphic design & installation Heasman Steering - Wheel alignment & suspension setting House of Stance - Airlift setup Tint Haus - Detailing of vehicle Smart Polish Pro - Detailing products Takumi Motor Oil Australia - Motor Oil Shannons - Insurance
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9th DEC 2017 - Crunch TIME! Major sponsor of the build @printasaurusau designed the placement of sponsors decals and striping on the vehicle. All decals were cut using 3M gold vinyl and hand laid on to the RB350Z by Eric. If you have any design, decal and installation needs be sure to check out Printasaurus!
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8th DEC 2017 - Car Assembled Flow Coat TICK*, Car Assembled TICK*, next step was to sand down the vehicle with a finer grade paper and polish to remove any fine pieces of dust and peel. Our main goal was to achieve a surface that was like a piece of glass. We wanted to demonstrate the Haloefx Australia quality and finish that is achievable with this new type of peel type paint. 2 more days till Hot Import Nights Australia and we still have decals to be applied by Printasaurus and detailing of the car for the big day. At this point we were at the shop till 3am each day and getting a maximum of 4hrs of sleep...but as you can the results made it all worth it to this point.
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6th Dec 2017 - 4 days to Mask off and assembly of vehicle happens! Utmost care and attention in carefully assembling the entire Rocket Bunny kit and vehicle components. Paint still very fresh at this point and we cannot afford to gamble on the little time we have.
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DEC 5TH 2017 - 5 Days Count Down to Flow Coat DONE with @haloefxau latest TG2 Managed to get it pretty flat considering it was our first time working with this product and system. Still not finished yet as we still need to chop and buff for the final finish!
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Did you know HALO EFX is sandable, buffable and peelable? Here we wet sanded the Rocket Bunny 350z for a final flow coat to give it a glass like finish.
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FRESHLY LAID First pictures of @eyecandycustomz IKUCHI colour out of the booth! At this point we were 7 days out from and the pressure was definitely REAL! First time spraying @haloefxau we have everything in the workshop crossed to hope nothing would go wrong. Follow the major sponsors of this build below!
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MESMERISING.... Mixing up @eyecandycustomz IKUCHI with @haloefxau for the RB350z build!
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Because....RACE CAR! @dcjapautomotive Race Car AUTO ELEMENTS Halo EFX | Composite | Paint | Fitment
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2017 Auto Elements Family XMAS BBQ. Thank you to all that attended and helped out. It definitely made this day very special for us.
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Yes it is official!! HALO Performance Coatings applicator For all your Halo needs in Sydney contact us today! @hal@haloefxau @haloefx
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