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i love you monkey. i feel you here. you are in everything. i just wanna be with you again. nothing will ever be the same. i will never be the same. i’m trying everything to be strong for you but it’s so hard i don’t wanna be here without you. the pain is heavy in my soul. you are heavy in my soul.
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i can’t believe i’m writing this. you’re in my heart. i’m always yours. i don’t have words to express what you’ve done for me in such little time. i love you so much. you live forever in me. i don’t know how to do any of this without you now... i love you so much i want to wake up from this nightmare
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cute things like being in the airport for almost 24 hours in... el paso. like... why...must it be.... el paso...... i have cried 5 times for no reason i cannot wait to be in my bed i just want postmates and a hug and a head scratch
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i’m just gunna sit in this airport chair and cry maybe fall asleep again since it’s delayed and all i wanna do is be at home in my apartment in my cloud bed smoking weed and finishing how to get away with murder (update my flight is delayed until tomorrow AGAIN for the second time this month i’m gunna scream goodbye)
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my insides are showing 🍭🌈🌤
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this is my new phone since apple wanna keep playing games... 🙄 jeans are @fashionnova
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space monkey 🐒💛🌈✨
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my dreams show dimensions of us that don’t exist in this consciousness, but an alternate reality is where i’d rather be 🌓✨🥀♥️ top is @fashionnova
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no grain no pain
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