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why does all day brekky make my heart tingle? aka someone in london take me to a proper english brekky ASAP 🍳 📍i currently live in -selfie central- don’t come for me
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i’d have jet lag if i was a human (jk i still have jet lag)
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i’m a london ting now. bye
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the hills of siberia i guess
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2 @sugarbearhair a day = 😍♥️ #sugarbearhair #ad
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the colors of you match the skies with wind in your hair like the catcher in the rye
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pouty with no chance of meatballs
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i wish you were here dude... i know you were in the hospital with me. i could feel you there. they lie when they say it gets better with time. my heart still aches but i smile because i know people are watching me and expecting me to fail. i won’t fail. i won’t be lonely because i have my friends. i won’t stay sad because i have my memories. i can’t wait to see you again ♥️23♥️13♥️
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bruised shins and my baby avocado
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eatin crab out in malibu @ nobu
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ya girl needs her roots done😅
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