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orange is probably the new black
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my heaven's lost within you
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tangerine dreams 🍊☁️
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when bae says no so you're like 🙄😒
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the kid was blooming tonight 🥀 thanks @banalosangeles for our jackets 🍊
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¿que tal estás, guapo? ¿por qué estás enfadada conmigo que ha pasado, mi amor? shirt is @fashionnova ♥️
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bye seattle & thank you @nordstrom i had so much fun today ♥️♥️♥️ a lil bts 🌤🌈✈️ now back to la la
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i have no nose ring and this is the most naked i've felt in the last 5 years lol clearly i'm v unamused
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now, what can i do, but rely on your moon lit room and the dim lit sky?
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i'm about to drop a project i've been working on for a min, and the patience is torturing me but all worth it in the end. happy almost end of retrograde - i never knew him but y'all allowed to be out here blaming Mercury. permission granted by all energies. everyone try to cleanse and keep a high, positive thought stream. the last days are always the toughest. remember it's all a test :) make sure you pass! we all slip up and we all can we negative. it's about pulling yourself out of it and giving the internal pep talk you really need. x also, most soft track pants in my entire existence @fashionnova dc arzaylea 🌶
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♥️☎️💎 indestructible, baby, like the diamonds in your chains 💎☎️❤️
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golden hour washed over me like your hands brushed against my body
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