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Dang. lmao... I’m corny right?
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Gaaaaanngg 😆😝🤙🏽 these were off guard lol what’s the move tonight guys? I’m seeing #blackpanther for the second time, it was SO GOOD!
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This too shall pass
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Currently waiting to get out of my lyft to rate this man 1 star because he’s a terrible driver, what y’all doin?
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My forehead says Happy Valentine’s Day lmao
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There’s a new video on my channel 👀👀 link in bio!! This video was a little rushed because February is flying by so friggin fast I couldn’t really go ham like I wanted to but I put some really cute outfits together :) ps - try not to lose your mind over that string hanging from my cardigan 😭💀 there’s nothing we can do about it lmao
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Believe it or not I struggled taking these pics because it is SOOOO WINDY!!!!!! Anyways, I’m enjoying my birthday for the most part I guess. I honestly want the day to be over already. I wish I was in LA with Alissa. I wish I was in New York. I wish a lot of things. I’m honestly super irritated lol. Extremely. Feel free to send me funny memes. I hate the mood that I’m in rn
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WILL THE REAL ALISSA ASHLEY PLEASE STAND UP (scroll to the end lmao I refuse to put it as the first pic 💀💀💀) enteewazeee HAPPPPYYY BIIRRTHHDDAAAYYY ALISSA!!!!! I’m hung over so I’m tempted to get really sappy wit it lmao I’m so proud to call you my sister!!! I’m so proud to be your catfish lmao I can’t wait to be out in LA with you!!! We be going thru it and what not but I’d never replace you (unless I could replace you with Kid Cudi or Lebron but that’s it) ❤️❤️😆 @alissa.ashley
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Me checking my phone looking to see which one of my homies sent a birthday text exactly at 12 😂😂😂😂😭😂😂😭😭 lmao it’s my bday guuiiissseeeee I’m 23 now 😆😆😆
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Guess what I filmed today 👀👀👀
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Chiggityyy check out my newest video!! Link in bio ❤️❤️
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In Alissa’s words “MISS ARTSY B*TCH” lmao tried taking pics in different angles today and they came out pretty cool! *hair company tagged*
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I’m going to do a video on how I edit my photos soon to expose my fraudery lmao just wait on it
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🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 I’m posting this for now until I manage to take some fire, the sun is too strong right now lol
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Who can guess what I drew? Lmao seriously GUESSSS
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I almost went blind taking this lol hope you guys are enjoying your Sunday! I don’t watch football so my day has been kinda dry - earrings from @shopagrodolce ❤️
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New lookbook on my channel!! Click the link bio to watch ❤️🤙🏽
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I suck at boomerangs lol anyways guess what I’m filming today 👀👀
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Didn’t take any photos today so here’s one from the other day, I took 200 photos in the car lol this needed to be posted - shirt is from @_welovevanity ❤️
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First she’s off guard 🤭 then she’s sour 🤨 then she’s sweet 😁😆 lol peep dem curlz doooee!! I used @carolsdaughter 4 in 1 combing cream ❤️
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If you haven’t already, be sure to watch my newest video on how I flawlessly highlight and contour!! Link in bio ❤️❤️😁 hope you guys are having a nice day!
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