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Sometimes it just feels like being in a science fiction 🇮🇸 #iceland @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________
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"Broken Spirit" Beacuse you walk against the wind ... #whpclassic @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________
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"Layers" The rugged fields of the highlands. #iceland @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________
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Glacier moods 🌦 #iceland @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________
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Icelandic Highlands 🌦 🇮🇸 #iceland @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________
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A day at the beach 🌦 #iceland @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________
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Few years back me and my love @simona_br_photography were just relaxing with a coffee inside a cabin when I decided to look outside for some aurora lights . And what do you know they just arrived just I wished for. So totally not planned :) #iceland @beyondthelands | __________________
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Kerlingarfjőll... what a place , this area used to be a skiing resort in the past during winter. So many memories.⛷ #iceland #highlands @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________
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Already missing the Highlands, so much left to explore, until next time 🤙 #iceland @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________
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Reykjavik during the Low light season with only about 5 hours of daylight right now , my favourite time of the year to take photos . This church is called Háteigskirkja ❄ #iceland @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________
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The snow is here! ❄ Been thinking of doing a series of Reykjavik recently as everything looks so amazing right now! Tell me what you think in my stories poll:) #iceland @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________
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"OCTOPUS" I took this picture over 3 years ago. I remember when i found this crack I spent over 2 hours filming it with the lights dancing over in freezing cold. So worth it ! :) #iceland @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________
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