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While the traditional model of goal setting has been around for decades, it needs an update.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Check out our latest blog on why this is the case:
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Not a bad place for our Friday design meetings... #designthinking #entrepreneurship #armsystems #livealifewelllived
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We aren't called ARM Systems for nothing. It's all about the process. #thearmacademy #livealifewelllived #armsystems
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New aromatherapy cool, moist towels are in the mini fridge. Top left is Eucalyptus to open the lungs and sinuses. Top right is Peppermint to energize your senses. Bottom left is Lavender to help you relax. Bottom right is unscented. Perks of being a client of ARM Systems. Enjoy! #luxury #excellence #personaltraining #wetakecareofourclients #hydration #towel
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Our latest Client of the Week is Francine Countryman Murphy! "Francine is arguably one of the most charismatic and upbeat people I’ve had the opportunity of working with. She approaches every challenge and obstacle I give to her with an amazing attitude and never gives up when the workouts get tough. As someone with a smaller build, the amount of fat weight lost and relative strength Francine has gained has really impressed me. I am excited to see the continued results and progress in the future!" -- Nicholas Fiske Looking to make progress like Francine? Request your free consultation today at
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Our trainers @trainer_meaghan and Jeff are braving this heat at wonderland today!! Be sure to stay hydrated, don't leave children or pets in the car and check on those who do not have ac! #heatwave #hydration #personaltraining #cwbestday
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Our latest Client of the Week is Antheia Cadette Blasse. "Anthiea is a true champion in the gym! She never misses a session and always gives it her all!! She pushes herself to failure each and every time and is always happy to challenge herself by doing "just one more" rep. She has lost a ton of inches, has gained a ton of strength and endurance and her muscles are quickly becoming very pronounced! It is an honour to train someone who makes such an effort, is always smiling; even at 5:30am and wants to better herself in every way! Congrats Antheia, I'm so very proud of you!!!" -Meaghan Sloski, Personal Trainer Here is what Antheia had to say about her training with ARM. "Before training with ARM I was physically drained, lethargic and very unhappy with my appearance. I had some bulges that I desperately wanted to get rid of. I have recently noticed those bulges have almost disappeared, my body image is less of a problem for sure and the muscles in my arms are more defined. I catch myself smiling more. My job has been positively impacted. I am more upbeat and energetic. As a result of that I am a better mother to my son, wife and daughter. I am able to do so much more with my family." -- Antheia Looking to get results like Antheia? Request your FREE consultation at #personaltraining #clientoftheweek #tough #kickboxing #proud
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Our latest Client of the Week is Mike Marshall. "Mike has been consistently coming in to train 3 days per week and with that dedication and determination, he has now mastered some of his own "Boss Moves": The Kettlebell swing and Barbell Deadlift. "These complex and challenging movements have caused him to lose weight and inches around his midsection, which were some of Mike's goals. Way to go Mike!" Nicholas Fiske Looking to make progress like Mike? Request your free consultation today at
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And now, a word from our Client of the Week: @ron_kulla "Before I started training with ARM Systems, physically, my shoulders were very weak and tight. I was feeling very frustrated with the pain and lack of mobility in my shoulder and arm. I've achieved great results in a short period of time. I can move my right arm in a full rotating motion, front and back! I feel a lot stronger in general. Honestly, I hate getting up that early in the morning but it makes for a much better day after working out with Jeff. My eating habits are so much better and my golf game has improved 110%!" - Ron Kulla Looking to make progress like Ron? Request your free consultation today at #personaltraining #milton #healthandfitness #getARMed
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Congratulations once again to our Client of the Week; Ron Kulla @ron_kulla who has earned himself some delicious grass-fed beef. Remember to email us at to order your own Grass Fed Beef today!
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Our latest Client of the Week is Ron Kulla! "Ron began his fitness journey only 6 weeks ago, and has already lost 25 lbs and a few belt notches! Coming in early in the morning was not something Ron looked forward to three days per week--he has muttered how much he hates this process--but his consistency and no-quitting attitude has really paid off. The pain in his shoulder and lower back has significantly reduced and he is getting stronger every day. Keep it up, Ron!" --Jeff Bao Nguyen, Director of Wellness Looking to make progress like Ron? Request your free consultation today at #personaltraining #milton #succes #motivationmonday
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