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join us tonight for an evening of music and unity! watch live at
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home safe. happy fall. 🍂
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‪issa wrap. ‬ ‪i will missssss u all and this tour very very much. thank you for your energy. for celebrating us, each other and yourselves at these shows each night. for giving life to our art and for living the message of this tour every day. ‬ ‪thank you to my DWT family. you are such. a. gift. to. my life. 💡It's been such an honor and I'm so inspired by each of you. ‬ ‪thank you to everybody that attended one of these shows and to everybody that couldn't but watched the videos religiously online and joined us from home. we felt your love too every night.‬ ‪i hope this has made you feel something beautiful or has impacted your life the way it has ours. ‬ ‪i'm gonna miss the fuck out of you for a lil while.‬ ‪you are very loved. ‬ ‪I'm going to go to sleep now bye. ‬
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Thank you Dangerous Woman Tour
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🏹 ♡
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last show tonight. woke up feeling so incredibly sad. but also incredibly grateful. and filled with so much love. thank you.
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inspired @reebok 🐣
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Had the best time celebrating the launch of #ArianaxReebok today with my @Reebok family and my friends who inspire me most ♡ 💛 love you @brilovelife @iamskot @alfredoflores @harleypasternak @luxurylaw @reebok
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sure do have a lotta footage @alfredoflores
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can't believe we made it to the second to last show without me slipping on that slippery ass stool honestly I'll take it 🙏🏼🙈😂 @max__pham
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