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Community Brief 07: 2017 That one shot you secretly can’t believe is yours. Tag #The2017Series + #ShotoniPhone We’ll post favorites next week. Photos & videos welcome. Music: "Sound Sharp" by Ill Mondo
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“It was so quiet and peaceful. The only sound was that of stones rolling down the hillside with every step.” #ShotoniPhone by Alex G. @gustavssonalex
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“I was thinking about those old film noir movies when the situation just presented itself.” #ShotoniPhone by Arnout V. @arnoutverheij
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“I’ll often point out these colorful things to whoever I’m with but they usually just think that I’m weird.” #ShotoniPhone by Kate Z. @hello_spectrum Music: “Hidden in the Chips” by @lullatone
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“My photography is often trying to anticipate the next scene in a film that I’ve never seen before.” #ShotoniPhone by Romaric L. @romdilon
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“Down in the cracks of the Earth, water forms these incredible shapes over the course of thousands of years, waiting for you to visit them.” #ShotoniPhone by Anson F. @ansonfogel
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“The reason for pushing my Japan trip out to October.” #ShotoniPhone by Welia I. @welicious
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"It’s interesting to see the balance between traditional values and modern lifestyle in the UAE. These craftsmen represent the long traditions and culture of this country." #ShotoniPhone by Geny B. @genyvb
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Showcase 06: #TheAtoBSeries Swipe to see favorites from last week’s Community Brief. #ShotoniPhone - 1. Denis R. @denisssio - 2. Nasser A. @nasser01 - 3. Lukáš S. @lukas.silber - 4. Prince G. @princejyesi - 5. Charles T. @brooklynrockcity - 6. Julia N. @julianathanson - 7. Conner H. @connersphotos - 8. Koji Y. @comizi - 9. Harsha P. @harshapj
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“My favorite view atop Victoria Peak, overlooking the skyscrapers of Hong Kong.” #ShotoniPhone by Katie R. @postcardsandpassportstamps
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“I wanted absolutely no context of it being 2017 in this photo.” #ShotoniPhone by Jake M. @jokemichaels
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Collection: Airplanes Adventures in airplane mode. Your in-flight movie, #ShotoniPhone by… Joshua A. @joshu4nya, Manuel B. @bornvisual + @manubenegas, Jeremy L. @owatermelongun, Anar M. @anar.mirzazadeh, Yazan S. @v1ews, Fared N. @uniquenassir, Maksym I. @differentmind, Simone R. @simone_rigamonti_videography, Kevin Y. @klvctrnvmbr, Sergio N. @gionasonte, Alex M. @msalexmenz, Michei O. @micheiong, Madison M. @shotbymadi, Robby C. @robbycroft, Frederik H. @hasselkjaer, Rayan H. @artsy_ray, Ashwin V. @ashwinvijayphotography, Kathy N. @wanderlistic, Maria Y. @mary____yu, Jason H. @jason.hiner, Halle G. @halle924, Cristina B. @cristinablasco_, Rishabh M. @rishabh_malik04, Samantha T. @samrturnage, Katerina R. @katerina_ru55, David C. @panopticonison, Óscar G. @oslegutiez, Cheehyuck I. @ihnstaphoto, Evgeniy G. @6886km, Stuart M. @iamstuart, Felix T. @felixbuliks, Róbert R. @robertphotography0, Brett H. @theye77, Yassin Y. @yassinoyassino, Michael H. @mike.0203, Spencer B. @spencerbackman, Stephen L. @leveyangeles, Tomek M. @txmmxc, Yueping Y. @yueping_yee, Amitabh S., Jakob L. @jakoblovescoffee, Jeremiah C. @jeremiahcowan, Roberto C. @vis_comica, Alexandra S. @alexofandra, Andrew W. @andrewbwhite, and Zairi J. @ayee.gaban Music: “Buried” by @whatsonot x @georgemapleofficial
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