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“Light will always find its way over darkness.” #ShotoniPhone by Mohammed A.N. @mohammedabdulnoor - 2. Ashish P. @ashishjparmar - 3. Chandan K. @khannachandan - 4. Mahaveer P. @mocksterr - 5. Arati K.R. @aratikumarrao - 6. Gursimran B. @coffee.karma
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“As a mother of three, I try to create fun experiences with my kids that we all can enjoy. This took 12 bags of microwaved popcorn.” #ShotoniPhone by Melisa B. @milisab
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“Normal people don’t come to these places.” #ShotoniPhone by Sindy L. @lxin1983
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Community Brief 04: Light Celebrate light in all its forms. Tag #TheLightSeries + #ShotoniPhone We’ll post favorites next week. Photos & videos welcome. Music: “Margaret (Facto Remix)" by @lolomis_music
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“When children are at play, they enter into a reality that adults can never fully appreciate.” #ShotoniPhone by Andrew G. @kiwibrit
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"I’ve always been drawn to leading lines and symmetry. When I first got into photography, I figured shooting architecture was a good place to start.” #ShotoniPhone by Junwei C. @comewhatjune_
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“Whether he’s climbing up a tree in the park or balancing on a unicycle in the Hollywood Hills, Jax makes me a happier and healthier person.” #ShotoniPhone by Justin R. @btjaxfrisbee
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“If you look closer, there is beauty everywhere.” #ShotoniPhone by Vishal M. @vishalparadigm
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“You can show up at a rodeo in south New Jersey or one in Texas and things will be pretty much be the same, other than the cowboys having different accents.” #ShotoniPhone by Ryan S. @ryshorosky
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“When you practice photography long enough, you start foreseeing moments. You begin to work intuitively, feeling certain signals. You see and understand more.” #ShotoniPhone by Dmitry M.
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Showcase 03: #TheAnimalSeries Swipe to see favorites from last week’s Community Brief. #ShotoniPhone - 1. Chine E. @chineezeks - 2. Leon T. @abitoftravels - 3. Antonia A. @so.asa - 4. Gijs C. @gijsparadijs - 5. Jane K. @macawronny - 6. Jeffrey G. @jeffgoodman1 - 7. Cheehyuck I. @ihnstaphoto - 8. Deion R. @deionureaves - 9. Laura D.M. @burkla - 10. Natee A. @kantkant
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”There are so many creative kids in Jamestown who are unable to follow their dreams because of poverty and lack of education.” #ShotoniPhone by Prince G. @princejyesi
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