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Découvrez l'intégralité de la vidéo sur YouTube, lien en story @seat_dz
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Powered by LG MOBILE. Shout out to the team @paperbagg_mag for the good work ! U guys ROCK 👊👊
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Du nouveau chez @seat_dz J-3 PRÉPAREZ VOUS LES COPAINS !!!
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Roadtrip from 2017. Taghit.
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TAGHIT you were paradisiacal.
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Freaking driving from a dune to another, between all the beauty of our desert around. The weather was weird and terrible outside, but the feeling that u are inside with a guide, a rocker, his wife and the guy on the last picture I've post, was definitely the freaking best. I was an ear to the stories told by the rocker and his friend, and amazed by their experiences in scene out there and up there, their vision about art and music helped me like never to get out of my little comfort zone, and then, all my inspiration and all the words I wrote and sang were for me another spiritual trip to another spiritual place. That's how the collaboration with the rocker Lotfi Attar started and that's how Im freaking excited to perform with him asap, as soon as possible ..
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Holly shots. Ty @medlyess for capturing this from the @cokestudioalgerie's event . night earlier this week.
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Don't forget to watch me perform a special track with Hocine Lesnami. This Thursday, 9pm on Echourouk TV. #CokeStudioDZ
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Attendez vous à des surprises!!! L'album de mon Kho @younes_kacimi_el_hassani sortira dans pas longtemps!!! @afrockaine is BACK!!!!!!!!!
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GUYS!!!! #ALMOKHTALIF is now #1 on top Arabic Indie's category on @anghami I'm feeling overwhelmed and very excited for the music video and all the other upcoming projects. Thank you a million times over.
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// t o m o r r o w // Visuals: @safo.mortem Mix/Mastering: @younes_kacimi_el_hassani
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Nov 13, 2017 saved. #ALMOKHTALIF // Available on all platforms. (Stream / download) You can pre-order the EP now on (link in bio)
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It's finally here! The new EP #ALMOKHTALIF will be dropped this week on all platforms // visual by: @safo.mortem
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Sev shot.
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Algiers 12/10/2017
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"Pop alternative: Anis Bourahla régale le public à la salle Ibn Zeidoun" You can read the whole story here: Thank you Huffpost.
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Thank you for capturing one of my favorite moments of one of my favorite shows ever. Credits: @oudjana_bouhoun
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C'est ce soir, venez nombreux. Merci
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For more info:
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