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Moving different because I want different. #DaysWithDre 🔒
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Back in action! GAME DAY🔒 #DaysWithDre
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A moment you would have that be there for. none of this was planned . I just started rapping my favorite freestyle from @wizkhalifa and he joined in with me ....... a surreal moment #DaysWithDre 🖤 Link in the bio! 🎥: @iamtailz
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I’m out here in LA with JBL for All-Star Weekend! Follow me @JBLAudio to get close to the action all weekend long. #DaysWithDre #JBLxNBA 📸: @iamtailz
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No pit of misery here, headed to @NBAAllStar with the true friends of the crown! #DillyDilly 🍻 @budlight #DaysWithDre
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Game Day!! New workout video will be on my channel soon with @remyworkouts , make sure you go subscribe!Link in the bio🖤 #DaysWithDre 🎥: @iam@iamtailz Song: @iamtailz @andredrummondd - Jane Doe
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Game Day! Locked in🔒 How many rebounds do you think i’ll get tonight 🤔 #DaysWithDre
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New #DaysWithDre video out now in the bio & It’s Game Day! Enough to keep you busy on a Sunday🖤 🎥: @iamtailz
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You cannot change your destination overnight ,but you can change your direction overnight. #TagAFriend 🖤 📸: @iamtailz Comment your favorite emoji below!
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Game Day! #DaysWithDre 🔒 📸: @iamtailz Who’s your favorite NBA team?
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Plot quietly and humbly and watch them blessings come in. #DaysWithDre 🖤 Comment your most recent emoji 🤷🏽‍♂️
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Game Day! #DaysWithDre 🔒
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