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The #FBI had prior warning about the young murderer in #Parkland Florida, who bragged about his murderous intentions. They could have stopped the troubled #NikolasCruz. Instead they did nothing. The FBI was too busy carrying out the orders of #CrookedHillary and #Obama. Yeah, I’m talking about the phony “#Russia helped #Trump to steal #Hillary’s election” canard. Since I’ve criticized the FBI, I suppose I must now make the perfunctory mention about how there are many good people at the FBI. That may be true, but the fish rots from the head down and those running the bureau have become politicized and corrupted over the years Moreover, if teachers were permitted the right of #Concealed Carry, it would give any potential shooter a bit more pause. Instead, the #Left does their usual virtue signaling by slapping up signs such as “This is a #GunFree Zone” to stop the shooters. That, of course, only encourages them. And the students are sitting ducks. —#BenGarrison @grrrgraphics #EndGunFreeZones #GunControlKills #NRA #2A
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