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I’m online! New cam settings, should be clear sound and HD streaming! Come let me know what you think of the new settings! @myfreecams #myfreecams #mfc#mfce #mfc #camgirl #gir#girlswirhtattoos #sexy #cute #girl
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All the cool kids are doing it, @verotruesocial it may be the next big deal, who knows? @Facebook is dead media and they’re fucking with @Instagram too much ! #vero #verotruesocial
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I’m online! With not7,... not 9... but 3! 3 whole new videos on mfcshare! So watch me right meow and get videos at the same time ! #myfreecams @myfreecams
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When your man catches you cuddling another girl... lmao.. knives was so pissed.. one of our females snuck up and cuddled me while I was sleeping
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I decided to take tonight off, take a bath, cuddle my cats and my meuwmeuw and catch up on some game of thrones. Tomorrow is my official day off so 2 nights without me!! Oh no!! I have #mfc#mfcshare if you want to purchase downloadable videos, lifetime premium Snapchat etc on there and you can always tip offline which is appreciated :) #myfreecams @myfreecams #camgirl #mfc
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I’m going to do pics with these in but I just got these and they’re awesome! When I do events and such it’s typically so loud and I have anxiety, but I also want to hear things so I don’t want to cut out 100% of the sound, these ear plugs you can choose which ones you want to wear to cut out X amount of decibels. I don’t leave home without them anymore, and the little keychain carrying case makes that easy too! Awesome job @original_ear_elf !! #hearingprotection #earplugs #protectyourhearing
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Public hitatchi torture at @dirtyshowdetroit by dominatrix @modelrileyjane of @detroithouseofpain owned by @ladyofpaindetroit
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Excuse me waiter? I ordered the “large” cheeseburger... thanks
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Just got online! come on in! Facebook blocks the link so just remove the () myfreecam.(com)/#AlloyAsh let’s talk Detroit dirty show and what mistress Riley did to me ! Oh my! #myfreecams @myfreecams #mfc #camgirl
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I’m online! @myfreecams #myfreecams already tipped and close to bottomless! Already one yellow wall time wand show!
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I’m online, im feeling kinda rock tonight, acdc, zeppelin? Let’s go! @myfreecams #myfreecams
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Lotsa skin, lotsa tattoos!! I am online with a #lush @lovensetoys and #domi wand ready! Come to my room! Basically you personally control my vibes ALL night @myfreecams #myfreecams #mfc
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