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After a somewhat frustrating 12+ hours with no running water at my @airbnb due to a broken water main, I’m taking a deep breath and letting that ish go. Taking comfort in delish food at @demarianyc. I ordered warming herbal tea, the GF coconut-ginger banana bread and the Dragon Bowl - coconut grains, house-cured salmon, avocado, kraut, hijiki and black sesame with leche de tigre dressing. Headed to meet up with Portland babes @kait.hurley and @hey.candace for the afternoon. It’s always nice to have a piece of home in this big city. 💞 #WuHausTrips
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Could not imagine a more dreamy space to host my first-ever workshop in NYC ✨☁️🍎 Endless gratitude to @willmnathan + for sharing your space with me. Can’t wait to meet some of you on Saturday! 💛 #WuHaus
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Let’s talk about working out on the road. I get tons of questions about how I stay healthy with so much travel in my schedule (full travel blog post coming soon!). I take 2 approaches. When I’m headed to places like NYC and LA or home to visit my family in Connecticut, I use travel as an opportunity to try a new yoga studio or style of exercise. This week in NYC, I’m checking out @skytingyoga @theclassbytt @sbx_boxing. I try to stick to a consistent workout schedule, but usually don’t end up working out as often as I do at home. When I’m headed to places like Italy (in April 🎉), Oaxaca or anywhere that I’m really taking a vacation, I give myself a break. I try to workout when I can, but I don’t beat myself up if it doesn’t happen. I consider sightseeing a form of exercising and lounging on the beach like savasana. I remind myself that even if I miss a week or so of workouts, I can and will get back to it when I get home. I’ve struggled with the need to be in control my whole life, and it’s definitely been a practice to learn to let go a little. Many of the best experiences in my life have happened outside of my comfort and control bubble. I still have a long way to go, but I always remind myself of how far I’ve come. 💗 #WuHaus #doingthings
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Bath Rituals + My Go-To Bath Salt Blend and Body Oil Recipes are up on the blog (link in bio!) 🧖🏼‍♀️💦🛁 There are SO many bath and beauty products on the market these days, but it’s really fun and empowering to make your own at home. My favorite place to get all the supplies I need is @mountainroseherbs 🙌🏼 I’m sharing my favorite custom essential oil blend that can be added to the carrier oil or bath salt blends or directly to your bath water. I slather this body oil all over after bathing and showering. It smells divine and makes my skin feel amazing. Enjoy! 💗 #WuHaus #sponsored
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Took a cue from my girl @shutthekaleup and made some CBD Bliss Balls to take with me on my trip to NYC! ✨✈️🍎 These ones made with coconut butter, almond meal, almond butter, dried apricots, collagen, tocos, CBD, mesquite cinnamon and cardamom. Rolled in coconut and crushed freeze-dried raspberries and blueberries. Running around like crazy the next day and a half to prep for my week in NYC! ❤️ #WuHaus
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SUNDAYS ARE FOR SNACKS! 🥑🍠🥦🥕🍋Homemade beet hummus (recipe below!), arugula-hazelnut pesto, roasted garlic, toasted sweet potato, radishes galore, avocado, carrot, smoked salmon, fennel and blood orange. All the vibrantly colored foods to brighten up a grey day! Headed to a late-afternoon workout class with my husb then planning a very relaxing evening at home. Happy Sunday Funday peeps! 💗 #WuHaus • 2 cups cooked garbanzo beans • 1/3 cup tahini • 1/3 cup beet, cubed • Juice from a whole lemon • 2 cloves raw garlic • 1/3 cup water (+ more to achieve desired consistency) Instructions: Place all ingredients in food processor except for water. Turn on to begin blending. Slowly add water when the machine is running, adding more as necessary to achieve desired consistency. Blend until very smooth (about 5 minutes). Top with extra-virgin olive oil, nigella seeds and pine nuts.
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TRUE CONFESSIONS 🧡🍑🧡 One of my New Years goals and an intention I carried over to the January new moon was to activate my glutes (aka my butt!). I work out regularly and specifically do exercises that target the backside. So it’s been really frustrating that whenever I’d squat or do bridge lifts, I felt everything but my butt. Knee pain, ankle mobility issues and thighs on fire. Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve seen major improvements. I’m now able to access my glutes in almost all the movements that target that area. Today I had a major realization. After many, many years of an extremely alignment-focused yoga practice, I realized that this obsession with perfect alignment was actually the thing that was holding me back from tapping into my backside. I figured out that instead of focusing on how the poses LOOK, I should be focusing on how they FEEL. And it’s totally true what they say, you actually have to tell your glutes to turn on! Anyways, it’s a small accomplishment in the general scheme of things, but it feels big. It’s empowering to have something I really put my focus on and set a goal around come to fruition in such a short time after working on it for years. #WuHaus
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Today #WuHaus turns 2!!! ✨🎉✨ I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since I launched my blog. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! It all started with a couple ombré layered smoothies and has grown tremendously from there. Thank you all so much for following along and for all the support I’ve received over the past 2 years! I look forward to the future and all the exciting things to come. For now, I’m celebrating with these layered babes, an ode to the early days. Banana-zucchini-cashew base with wild blueberry, goji and strawberry layers. Happy Friyay! ✨ #smoothiequeen
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Plant-powered lunch! 💪🏼🥦🥑🥕🥒 I’ve been loving herb salads with carrot tops lately. This one has roasted purple broccoli, parsley, carrot greens, sunflower shoots, cucumber, avocado, carrot, walnuts, radish and chickpeas drizzled with a creamy cashew butter dressing. 💥 I’m getting reeeeeeeally excited for spring and all the produce that’s going to be popping off at the farmer’s market. Hope you all are having a lovely Thursday! #WuHaus
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Morning meditation with a side of fluff ✨🧘🏼‍♀️🐶💞 An important reminder that sometimes I have to surrender and go with the flow. So grateful for all the lessons this pup has taught me in our 10-years together. #WuHaus
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Show yourself some extra LOVE today (and everyday for that matter)! Whatever that means to you. Do at least one loving, nurturing thing just for YOU. You absolutely, totally and completely deserve it.✨🛁🌹
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CHOOSE LOVE EVERY SINGLE DAY ✨💗🌸🌈✨ The ways in which we love ourselves and others are the ways in which we all shine the brightest. What is hard is learning to love the shadows, the parts of ourselves that can be difficult to accept. Love is really about acceptance of truth. It’s about embracing the LIGHT and the SHADOWS. No one is perfect. No one will ever be perfect. We are all just moving through our lives trying to be and do the best we can. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and others. Choose love today and every single day. It’s the best chance we all have at living the life we dream. Happy Vday bbs! #WuHaus
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